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Clio 172 cup......Red,yellow or light blue calipers?

  Clio 172 cup
Hi all,

im sorry if this has been asked before but i cant find the thread.

I have a clio 172 cup with the standard cup alloys and i wanted to paint my calipers tomorrow but cant decide between yellow,red or even a lighter colour blue?

any photos to make my mind up would be much appreciated:)



ClioSport Club Member
Well I have just got back from buying some yellow paint for mine so I hope it looks ok. If I get around to painting them this weekend I will upload some pics.

Problem is I have white wheels and i'm not sure how it will look.
  Mk2 escort RS2
When I owned a 172 cup I painted them light blue which looked real nice, Might paint the ones on my RB Cup the same
  Handbuilt 172 Cup/ 1.2 8v
For the mondiel blue cups yellow is always a popular and good looking option. give it a go, if its not to your taste then hardly a disaster to change it imo.