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Clio 172 written off :-(

  Black Ph2 172
Hey guys,

Saturday night spun my car and hit a tree (speed of impact only about 15 mph). Thought was only cosmetic damage to front/rear bumper and bonnet but apparently front and rear axle gone, AC pump etc gone. Getting £4,585 for car from insurers (02 plate with 45k on).

Gutted! Going to stick with the Clio Sports so if anybody in Hants/Surrey area has a 172/182 for sale (willing to spend up to 5k on a 172 or 6k on a 182) then let me know!

Cheers guys,

Thats a pretty good price from the insurance.

You'd have struggled to get that by selling it.

At least you're okay though dude. Plenty of 1*2's for sale atm so shouldnt take you long to find one.
  Meg 250/E36 Touring
Bad luck matey

I've got a 172 Cup with Climate in iceburg to sell.

PM if you'd like more info.
Gutted mate its an awful feeling, i did the same to my car last jan but luckily was only cosmetic. That was a wall though but similar accident