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Clio Cup

This is my first post on this forum so Hi guys!

I currently drive a 106 diesel which is a work run about and was considering buying a 95/96 subaru impreza WRX/STI or a Mazda RX7 3rd Gen.

I have been reading reports on scoobynet about how capbale this car is in the real world and its got me interested.

I owned an MR2 Turbo before my 106 and that was fast in the right conditions but I always missed my Peugeout 205s (1.4GL 1.4 GT 1.6 GTI 1.9 GTI) I loved them.

Does the Clio Cup drive like these cars but with a more modern feel to them? And does it keep up with the big boys (Scoobies etc) in the real world?

Im hoping to buy in April so how much would I pay for a newish 2nd hand one?



If you can find a newish 2nd hand one in April ??? expect to pay not alot les than a new one - id say about £11K at the minimum.

Never drove a Pug GTi but get a hold of issue 16 of Evo - they did a test with the Williams, 172, Golf and Peougeot and 172 came out top - the cup also came out top in Evo issue number 48 against RS focus, WRX impreza, and the cooper S - results all round youll find!

The 172 and the cup have been described as the closest to the old skool hot hatches as you can get. Subarus are very quick but in my personal opinion, theyre ugly, too easy to drive and most of all, tacky!

Dont want to pee on the warm 172 fire, but the Williams caned all comers in a test in Evo: Golf GTi Mk1, 205 GTi 1.9, 172 Mk2, Mini Cooper, SEAT Ibiza 1.8 T Cupra...

Maybe it was a different test? But Id definitely have a 172 Cup for proper old school thrills.

Got a Cup and on my 3rd Scoob and have to say IMHO Cup is a much better everyday car. Much cheaper to run much nippier in traffic cos no lag and got the hot hatch chuckability. Its also less of a target and as quick as a scoob in most situations. :D

Good on ya Wilf - brave enough to put the cup up there with the Scoobs! I like ur style, but I knew that The Williams did come out tops in that Evo group test, but that was with the standard 172 not the Cup - different ballgame! Trying to source a Williams at the mo any takers for sdelling one?