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Driveshaft fell to bits, metal 'cup' stuck on gearbox shaft, how to get it off?


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra
A bearing in the driveshaft (gearbox end) fell to bits and when I went to remove the remnants from the gearbox shaft it wouldn't budge. I've tried heat on it, penetrating oil, shocking it with a mallet, hasn't budged. I'm guessing the teeth are mangled together, hoping not, but can't figure out how to remove it. The raised lip around the shaft looks like it might cause a problem for a puller but I'm not sure.

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  BMW M135i
Guessing that cv joint has got seriously hot at some point? Hence it now being thermally siezed to the diff.

You can't really do anymore than you already have been doing, i'd say careful heat and shock is about all you can do without removing the box from the car as you can't really get anything in there to apply a constant force. You've got to be careful not to screw the diff bearings too.
On the older jc5's there's a roll pin securing the shaft on the drive splines out of the box. Check yours hasn't got one first
  BMW M135i
Unfortuantely I don't think you've got much choice really, far more options for getting it off when you can get round it properly.