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F*ing Back Brakes!

I have a Cup I love its looks and its performance, but I cant go anywhere where there is any hill (mole hill included) as my rear brakes are sh*t and when it rains they lock on!Has anyone else found this, I have spoken with renault and they say this is the norm in wet weather!!

Also whilst driving home I think one brake was locked partially on, as at about 80 ish I heard the loudestbang come from the back passenger side brake, I shat it and pulled over (no fun on Monday evening on the M18 in the pissing rain) any advice thinkin of dumping Cup for a 320 ti compact BMW! :-(

Sorry to hear this - must admit, my 172 brakes sometimes lock on - leave it parked on my drive with handbrake on (only because I need it as close to house as poss - live in london) and sometimes when I move it "clunks" as I dont usually drive in the week.

Wish it didnt happen but it does, only started the last month or two, must be the weather.

Had mine took apart and rebuilt (allgedly) problem still there though, and still dont clear wilth heavy usage, maybe bias set up is too to the foward to stop rear locking due to lack of ABS, would make sense really as 172 has ABS, we dont. Had other REAR DISC BRAKE cars but this car takes the piss. Have to say though the brakes are the dogs b****cks.
  Clio 197

My Willy has the same problem even though I never leave the parking brake on. Both rears seem to hang up and drag for a few seconds even if the car has been sitting for only a day or two. I have had disc braked cars for years and this is the first that has had that problem.

Cheers guys but my problem got even worse last night when i think the pad exploded on the motorway something seriously not right, poor car grounded for a while now!

Cheers for the help, ps is it possible for the brakes to "explode"?

I had a cavalier once and when driving to work I hit the brakes (rears where drums not discs) but the front pad just shattered, big bang and loads of crap went under the car, after this if i used the brake it was metal on metal!!! Had to drive using the handbrake all the way, and pressing the pedal just enough to get the brake lights..

So in this case mine did explode


  Audi TT Stronic

My old 205 GTi used to do that, under heavy braking the back wheels would lock first, some scary moments of me fishtailing it at the end of motorways.. :eek:

I think it is what has been said already, the brake bias must be setup wrongly, it is putting too much pressure to the back callipers.

And Cup172, I would have to agree the brakes in the 172/Cup are top notch


I get this on mine also, when it was iced up the other day I had a four wheel lock up test, my mate was outside the car and said that the rears did not lock up is that weird even on ice??? They feel the nuts though really sharp but I do get that when I havent used the car for a day or whatever the rears lock.
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Mine has locked up a few times, but its always been the front brakes. The rear brakes are just to balance the car under braking - the bias is not strong enough for them to lock up unless the fronts have on mine.

Mine isnt used every day. If I leave it for a few days the rear pads stick on, as a few of you have experienced. According to the local dealer, Renault know about the problem but havent come up with a fix yet.


  Audi TT Stronic

yep, would hate to see what would happen if you went away a holiday for 2 weeks :eek:

isnt the braking meant to be 90% front 10% rear ?