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Freshly detailed LY R27


ClioSport Club Member
  LY R27
After spending the weekend detailing the 197 and given I haven't posted any for a while I thought I'd get some pics up.
I gave it a full detail and wanted to get it sealed up for the winter so this is what I did.
Removed the wheels, cleaned them inside and out then waxed them.
Washed the car
Clay barred it
Polished it with some poorboys SSR2 and a Meguiars G220
Glazed using Clearkote red moose
Sealed with Poorboys EXP
Waxed with Dodo Orange crush
and then a quick spray with Dodo red mist.
Here are my pics









ClioSport Club Member
  LY R27
vue meridian? im from kibworth.
yeah thats the one, I see a few clio sports around leicester but I never seem to get anyone off here lol

thanks for the comments everyone :)
Its great when people have something positive to say about all your hard work instead of staring at me like a freak, which all my neighbours do :(
  "Navy" N17 TWO
^ Ditto

Get in there with a DSLR & some crazy angles for some shots on a dull day - would make the LY "glow" at you if you like :)
  Megane R26
Looks good Rich, I wish I'd have got LY or one of the lighter colours.

BTW, applying Red Mist straight away dissolves the wax layer...