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good nite!

  clio 20v

just went down to the local cruise i dont know if any1 who lives in the north west knows any of the cruise cheshire lot? but anyway bought a mongoose backbox (new) for 60 quid cos its got a weld on the tailpipe thats not supposed to be there but ud never see it on the car, off a mate that was there, and on way home raced a lancia delta integrale and kept up! he had a few people in the car like and he pulled away but i didnt get wasted bet he was gutted to still see an ickle clio in his mirrors wen he booted it!
  Audi S3

Thats the best part of owning a 16v the look on peoples faces as u leave them for dust or keep up with them as they dont realise what it actually is that u have!
I had that look the other day when making a guy in a honda CRX read the cliosport sticker on my boot!
ha ha!