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Got myself a second car :-)

Just bought a 1988 Pug 205 1.9 GTi with 100,000 miles on the clock. Its in really nice condition, totally standard bar the radio head unit and clean as a whistle. The engine sounds sweet and the dash rattles less than the 172!!!!After all the nice things that people have said about the 1.9 GTi, it better be good!!! Ive got it so I stop putting such high milage on the 172 just for "joy rides" around the Peak District.

  320d M Sport

Nice one Rhys my old son. How does it compare, you know speed "legendary" handling an all? I can se what you mean, you may as well rag the nuts off that instead...


ps-raced Craggy yet??
  FRST and 106 GTi

I love the 1.9 GTi... I friend of mine has got one but... with the 405 MI16v engine.

damn its realy fast now...


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Nice choice sir!

Just mind out for the "lift off" oversteer if you go into a corner too hot as the 205 1.9s had a tendancy to go sideways.

Now if you aint expecting it then you can get caught out as many people did, but when you know how to use it then you will LOVE it!

Got any pics?

Only had a chance to give it a small test drive so far, so I didnt go over 4000rpm of so (think it revs to 6250rpm or something). Its clear is hasnt got the oomph of a 172/16v/Williams but it does pull nicely at low revs.

Ill certainly be watching out for that legendary lift-off oversteer. I need to go to my favourite mini-roundabout at a nearby industrial estate and practice finding the limits of the car round that .

Ill put some piccies up once Ive cleaned and polished it

  CTR EK9 turbo

Cool, really really nice car! What colour is it? make sure you get the cam belt checked before you start ragging it, you never know with 2nd hand cars and the fact that its done 100k means that i probably had it changed at 55k and needs doing at 110k? dont want it to go "pop".
  mk2 172

nice one rhys, youll have to bring it out to a meet one day, and your right, they havent got the oomph of a willy, iv had the pleasure before:)

Its red. I really wanted a miami blue one, but when buying cars of this age, you have to go with the condition rather than the colour. Ill look into changing the cam belt. I think Ill get it serviced right away to make sure all is okay. Then some bucket seats. Then the short throw shifter. Then the LSD......

Craggy - when Ive got it up and running, I wanna race, okay?! Just need to see how far off the Willy it is so I can decide whether to start putting the pennies aside for the Mi16 conversion


Hi Rhys

What ever you do to the Pug, dont put the MI16 engine in, as there are many other ways of gettin 155/160BHP and more out of the 8v engine. If you put the MI16 in, you are automatically placing more weight into the car at the front end, so the car becomes heavier. But the most vital thing is that you will affect the handling of the car dramatically. If this wasnt the case then Peugeot would have made a Pug 205 1.9 GTI 16V!
I owned one and still miss it! I had a Graphite Grey one on a K-reg (non cat) and modifyed it to 170BHP (proven). Had a fully rebuilt engine and high lift cam fitted with porting and polishing done. 4mths later I went down to Pug Performance to have twin Dellorto Carbs fitted. These were awesome because although it increased the HP from 160 - 170, the main benefit was the torque. It just pulled and pulled. You do have to sacrific a little petrol though as the carbs do use it!!!
Another mod would be to fit throttle bodies on instead of carbs but these prove to be very expensive compared to carbs because they are controlled by the ECU.

Just some advice and experience

  CTR EK9 turbo

I aggree with Scott here. Itd be a shame to upset the excellent handling of the 205 gti by sticking so much weight over the axels at the front. The front will dip into corners and the rear wheels will have not weight on them and the back will slide all over the place. Unless you put a crate of gold in the back or something, but not everyone has one.

Well, all just thoughts! I think Ill replace the front seats with some red cobra harnessed bucket seats first as they are probably the most worn bit of the car. The leather is all cracked even though the velour is still okay. The leather in the rear is still in really good nick though. Just taking a break from re-binding the steering wheel leather. Boring work...!

  mk2 172

nice-swan rhys, look forward to a little race but im a bit weary the way u grinning like a cat all the time, sure u aint already got summat tucked under that bonnet of urs???? he he, well see eh

  172 sport,

good man 205 gti best choice mine is red 92 on a j 89000 miles stage 2 head remus exhaust k/n power boost valve etc i know yure gonna love it coz there wicked have lowered mine 35mm on a jamex sportline kit handles amazing but as above the ass will step out if ya lift off the power on a bend but whack it down again and it will pull of a lovely broadside and come back in when ya want it to happy motoring m8 and when i get mine out the paint shop ill give ya a little race

btw i take it your one has the grey bumpers and arches etc and is in the orangy red

Craggy - nope, nothing out of the ordinary under the bonnet. Pleased to report it is 100% standard. Well, nearly. It has an aftermarket electric sunroof, but not the huge one that Peugeot fitted as an option. Unfortunately, I left it open a little bit when I was doing the steering wheel to let some air in. Water ran down the slope of the glass, into the runners around it and eventaully into the car. Pissed off doesnt even BEGIN to cover it !!!

Yogi - yup, its the orangy red one. Havent had a chance to clean it up yet because of the rain, but have some piccies that I will pop up later tonight. I could do with a bit of advice over a couple of little problems if you dont mind.....!


RT172 how did you get on with the insurance?

did you have a problem with passing the emmissions tests when the carbs were fitted?

Will probably be going with Carole Nash after Paddy kindly provided me with a very good Fully Comp. quote.

BTW, excuse my ignorance, but I thought that the 205 had its fuel injected.....what use would carbs be?

  CTR EK9 turbo

Nice car rhys - no dents and looks in good order. First thing you need to do is get rid of that tow bar!! arrrrgh! that is, unless you intend towing a caravan or trailor or something(?) Tow bars are heavy! Do you have any plans for the beast? My friend (with the miami blue one, can be seen on in the friends cars section) bought a reconditioned, balanced, polished ports, lightened flywheel balanced clutch etc engine for around £2000 including fitting etc from Pug Performance (cant remember where the work on the engine was done but Ill ask him - a reputable blokey, maybe Rallye boy can tell us!?) It certainly is a lot quicker since hes had this done and not much has actually been done to the engine where mods are concerned. Hes been offered £6000 for the car as its in absolute pristene condition and totally standard (well, better than standard!) The guy who wants to buy it has also got another miami blue 205 gti with only 2000 miles on the clock - it wins prizes at concours shows, and he keeps it in a car bubble. The seats still have the covers on and it still has a new car smell inside! Its worth something in the region of £20,000!?
  320d M Sport

Nice motor than Rhys. Next time i see ya youll have to take us for a spin, Ive never ever been in one!!!
Did you look at any other cars BTW???


Hi Lofty

Your right, the Pug did fail its MOT the first time because of the emissions. I took the car to a tuning garage where they specialised in setting up cars with carbs, etc. This was done using their rolling road. The emissions were then fine!


Hi Rhys

Nice car mate, There fu**in awesome little cars .

The 205 GTI is as standard a fuel injected car (like all GTIs) but the Carbs were a direct replacement for the injection system. This was done by removing the inlet manifold that sits at the front of the engine and replacing it with a much sleeker inlet manifold, with the twin set of carbs bolted on. The simple reason why I have this done was simply to get more air and fuel into the engine at once. (i.e, creating more power!)
Carbs are an old invention and were used on all the old rally cars,etc. They are set and balanced manually, they are not set up by the electronics (ECU)that is why they are not as practical as an injection system but if you want a great rawing sound and much more torque, then Id reccommend them. (P.s, Once a carb conversion has been done, it is easy to convert it back to injection, as long as you keep hold of the origanal components.)

  172 sport,

no probs mate any advice email me at it looks quite original as i see it hasn,t had the later dash seats or mouldings done yet maybe worth a thought as there much better looking