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Haynes Manual for 172 Mk1

I have been looking on the Haynes website (ClioSport members get a 12.5% discount by the way!!) and the only manual for the Clio R to Y reg is for the following:

Covers Hatchback
1149, 1390 & 1598cc petrol (not 1.2 litre 16-valve, 2.0 litre 16-valve or 3.0 litre V6). 1870cc normally-aspirated diesel (not turbo)
May 98 - May 01
R to Y

So what the hell do I do for my 172 ?? I presume I just get the one above and put up with the differences.... but what is going to be massively different ?? I am thinking at the minute specifically of the brakes, as I am going to whip mine off and clean them up due to some squeaks following the PalmerSport track day.. are the details going to be the same ?? and if not (or even if so!!) does anyone know of a manual that will be applicable for the Mk1 172 ??



Hi Mark, there aint one made yet

re the brakes.. noise from brakes is almost always dust related..

remove wheels - use a face mask - then clean with a can of air duster (same as used for cleaning pc keyboards etc) or an airline.

the only thing you can do to our brakes are --

remove pads..

clean the contact area of the pad and pad sides on the calliper.

apply copperslip grease to the rear of the pad, and also the side areas that rub against the calliper housing.

Hope that helps..

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There is not going to be a manual made for the 172 from Haynes as quote from Haynes themselves...

"There is not enough interest or even Clio 172s to warrant a manual being written for it"

Maybe another Reanult Servicing ploy ?
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Yerr what a sh#tter.

I asked them about the MK2 as well and they laughted, cant think why. Did some snooping around asking Leigh who works for Renault Romford about workshop manuals but he said if he could get hold of one of them if would be worth a mint.

Crappy Haynes...

but I presume the majority of parts are the same anyway, the brakes will come apart / reassemble the same wont they ?? I presuem they are the same thing just uprated versions....
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What we need is a willing donar who will take their car apart bit by bit and photograph and document each actions