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Help please. Exhaust gas monitor warning light on.

  AMG Mercedes C Class
I have replaced the wire ring and springs, bolts etc on the joint between the manifold and the cat today. Now the exhaust gas light is on ffs. How could this have happened as all ive done is undone it and replaced the bits.
Will the light go out on its own, or have i got to go to renault? :(

Any help appreciated. Cheers.
  AMG Mercedes C Class
Anyone please :D

I have just found something, but wether its relevent i dont know.
I took the ashtray out to look at the diagnostic plug and found that the cover for the plug was off.

I noticed the cover has a bus bar in it which bridges 2 connectors.
Could this be my problem?

  Golf R soon...
Do you have any diagnostic equipment you could use, it might just be a case of turning the light off!

Does the car drive ok?

I think Den has a diagnostic tool you could use!