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I was on my way to pick up a hot chick on friday night, only met her once before, the car was washed looking good and then disaster!! some b*****d ran into the passenger side of the car, f**ked my chrome M3 mirror, scraped the whole side of the car and wrecked my front alloy!!! Only had it parked for about an hour outside the house and came down to find her wrecked, and toi make it worse the culprit drove on!! :(

at least the chrome mirrors will have to go now,

sorry mate it must be a real pain in the ass,

But chrome M3 mirrors? every cloud has a silver lining

Was it outside the girls house or yours? If it was outside yours then what happend? Did you get the girl? Surely all stories like this end with the hero getting the girl!


it was outside mine!! not found the b*****d that done it but the girl did feel sorry for me and has been very nice to me since. :) not all bad then!
  190 BHP Willy 2

sorry to hear about your bad luck.

Yes join the club my car door got kicked in outside the pub last week Re my thread:- i want blood!!!!

Theres some right w**kers about.