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Hmm, pondering my next car?

  E46 m3
Ok so the M140i goes back in October. (Yeah I know ages away ha) but as you do I’m already wrestling with what to get next. I have around 9k spending fund just now but that’ll go up.

I have previous with Renault, Williams and 172 cup. Loved both 😍
Currently thinking 🤔 182 trophy, mini jcw or perhaps another 172 cup?

yeah I know I’m going to miss the 140i grunt but it’s handling let’s it down and I reckon a wee hot hatch is the ticket.

cheers all, Greig


ClioSport Club Member
  Cupra ST/MX5 ND2 184
Don't know about you but going from a new BMW to an old Renault, would do my head in for everyday comforts and build quality. I am old though.

However, do 100% agree on the fun factor being reintroduced (and Mpg!). Hard to balance those things really.

Reckon a nice Mk3 meg would do the trick, not an old clio. Never had or leant towards a Mini in any guise so wouldn't know about those things, just seem a bit plasticky.


ClioSport Club Member
  TCR'd 172
I could not go back to an older daily now you will really miss the bmw but not the s**t handling thou🤣

rs 1an

South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
Hi Greg, I must have spent 9k on my 172 and still needs paint, seats and brakes doing, if you buy a trophy you may need to spend as much to get that in good condition. I personally have never owned a Megane, they seem to spin a lot, so I’ve never bothered. if you get a 182 trophy at least you get nice seats etc but be careful what you buy.