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Honest Race

  Clio v6

A guy in some sort of Scooby with those new ugly headlights, wanted a wee blast, so I obliged. He seemed to have quite a bit of pull from about 70 to 110 but after that he was fading away behind me. ( but not by miles )

In a cue at the roundabout he shouted over " I didnt want to waste petrol on something I might not beat" Honest or what?

We gave a friendly smile and a thumbs up. Wish everyone was as pleasant.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Always nice to get a wave or a flash after a bit of a blast. Puts the whole thing into perspective - its just for FUN! :)

Ive not had many "races" since getting the 206, but I did race and beat a new Golf GTi (god knows which engine type - think it was GT with a red "i" after it) from two sets of lights. When we pulled up side by side at a third set where I was turning off, I turned to wave and the guy was sat there punching his steering wheel and apparently shouting!!! Mind you, getting beaten by a Poo-0-6 must be a bit embarrasing for anyone!

Anyway, I agree with Ben H....whenever I "race" anyone, I always do it in a friendly way and never ever ever hang 2cm off someones rear bumper cos its just bloody rude!


Hi Wayne....tomorrow night. Cant wait. Drove the 206 GTi for a farewell (good riddance) drive over the Snake Pass last night and it confirmed my suspicions that it is a boring, uncomfortable DOG.

Anyway, the Peugeot club really sucked!