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How do you prefer to drive

Just wonderin how everyone prefers to drive when givin it some welly!?

Especially 172 owners with the lighter accelerator..

Im tryin on mine to see what works better, either simply puttin my foot down and letter it go, or gradually puttin it down, further and further as you feel the power increase...

Any views?

faaaaank yoooou!


oh right!!!!!!!!!

things startin to make sense! dont know if you read my earlier post, cos i felt in my old valver there was more control acceleration, (different levels an all that dependin on how hard you pushed! would this explain it?

Also when you floor it, i dont know if anyone else has noticed, but you put your foot all the way down, it stops, then if you kinda push a bit harder theres a kinda click and goes a wee bit further, should it do this?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

No-one has really explained the click at the end of the accelerator travel. Would make a useful switch for the NOS though.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

LMAO @ Tom :D

Tom gotta see ya at High Beach this sunday mate, you sound like a nutta.

BTW Danny there is some kinda switch on the throttle assembly but I am not sure what it does, maybe a pre wired switch for Nitrous :p



what is this nit-rous?

is it a small bug with a tiny brush who is constantly gas flowing your engine?

im confused will someone explain nit-rous?

can you get them in petshops?



ok fine

my car is mashed because of you lot

the scorpions in my exhaust died

so i put a mongoose in there- same effect

i couldnt find any racing wolves to put on my wheels so i used dogs - same effect

and nits in my fuel tank did nothing but block my filters

and as for my alarm the cobra ate the piranha!!

you suck!! :(



i only wanted extra bhp

my car looks like a flameing zoo!!

funny farm? chavy is that some kinda club? you done those mods too?



i might "a-team" my clio big red stripe, slidin doors you know

couple of 50 cal guns

"i pity the fool" "i aint getting on that plane sucka"