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how much to insure g/f as 2nd driver on my 182

  silver cup packed FF 182
she's 21 3ync and am with directline did do an online qoute but they didnt give me one(as im expecting it to be a huge qoute lol) my brother asked for his g/f to be 2nd driver on his st170 and his insurance company wanted £680 extra pmsl no way im prepared to pay that kinda money for a 2nd driver!!!
im 19, paying £1300 currently, and i added my ex, went up £134. she was 19 and dont think she had any NCD, neither do i though
  silver cup packed FF 182
that aint bad,well did ring my insurance company today but didnt get through as i was sat on the phone for 10mins waiting to speak to a operator but cudnt be arsed to listen to classical music for another few mins,will try again 2moro tho.