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I aksed Renault about the Cup mods

  172 Cup

Our ref: 1-32694148

Dear Mr Griffiths

Thank you for your recent email regarding Clio Cup accessories.

I can advise you that certain accessories were planned for release for the Renault Clio Cup, upon which external testing is currently taking place. Once this is complete these accessories, if suitable for road use will be released.

I hope this information is of assistance to you and if you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact Renault Customer Services on 0800 072 33 72.


Anna Hurley

Renault Customer Services

0800 072 33 72"

So we are still none the wiser then! Why dodnt they just admit nothing is coming our way?
  172 Cup

I know thats available mate but I wanted to see what Renault would respond with in writing.

Ooops, sorry.

I remember asking about a Cup in my dealership and the bloke didnt even know what is was. I cant imagine many will know about the Rsport mods when its not even Renault doing them.
  Subaru Forrester

I went in to have a look at the Cup on Saturday a I was thinking of swapping. I was asking about the upgrades too and the guy at the dealer (who actually had a Cup as well) said they had not been told about any release dates for any upgrades. He was waiting for them himself. That included the ECU which I mentioned some people seem to have already.