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I like the advertisements of Renault since 3 years :-) And you ? ^^

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Hi everybody

Oh yes I like the humour of the Advertisements of Renault since 2 or 3 years about its new cars or its victories in a racing championship or races

An humour "So English" add sometimes with the French sport of the auto-mockery ^^

And especially the last made after the recent victory of the Renault Sport Engine in the Grand Prix F1 of Monaco 2012, with a little "clin d'oeil" to you with the Frog in the beggining LOL

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Funny and exotic to see for us the French who dont know these adv :p

But the word "vavavoum" (Which expresses an idea of speed and nervousness) had this advers in France too (but without Thierry Henry ^^)
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Unfortunatly I don't think that you are French speakers to understand very well that (see and listen the videos ^^) but one of the most funny and big humour parody adv for Renault in this last year

The Original adv for the Opel Corsa Diesel Dci "All options", especially made for France and the French Customers

The "parody" made few time after by Renault on the Megane 3 Diesel Dci 110hp "All options" ^^

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sorry I dont know, it was an UK adv only I suppose

So let's go in the past if you want it ^^

An old school French Advs from the 80's on the old School Renault 9 Turbo and Renault 11 Turbo
There were spectacular adv in this age ^^

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