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Just seen the funniest thing ever

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Last night I was driving home and I was following a massive convoy of pykies. They were turning into a field and holding up the whole road in the process. Anyway, I have just driven past there again at lunch, and in the field were 4 or 5 massive tractors, of which at least 3 had dung spreaders on the back. On further inspection as I drove past, I clocked 2 caravans that were covered in crap! Somthing had obviously kicked off as there was about 10 police vehicles in attendance as well.



If it looks like ...
smells like ...
tastes like...
and steals every piece of bloody ... thats not to heavy (i was gonna say screwed down but they just undo those)

then they must be Fekin Pikies.

Its good to see some justice in the world, though u know its the farmers who are gonna get dung

PS It may be harsh to tar them all with the same brush but why do you think Halfords now has to remove all steering wheel covers and rip speed accessories when they park up in the local area!!!


hahaha, good sh*t, cant say id do it myself though coz there fecking dodgy b******s and as i live around the countryside ive had a few run ins to say the least!