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Richy's Inferno Turbo

Basically everything you needed to put the gauges in, if it isn't too much hassle bud. I need to be running an AFR gauge as minimum really.

They are the two I used. I removed the dashboard, then removed the heaters so there was space for the gauges to sit in. Then I used a bit of 6mm Plywood to mount them in, measuring the gap in the dash. Then just glued it too the dash and used some small 90 degree angle brackets to make sure it stays in place. I wrapped the plywood in some carbon fibre vinyl. Wired them in using the headunit live and ignition live, and the clock ground for the earth.
Update time..

On Friday I started to look at the wiring loom and ECU and fully understand the term 'French Electronics'. The throttle body wouldn't 'whine' as they do when the ignition is on so @Irbone @Dan@SJM and myself spent around 2 days trying to find the fault.. and yesterday evening we finally sorted it. So that was that done. We then continued to wire in the new ECU and then had to turn it over to get a signal from the crank sensor.. but the engine immobilizer wouldn't allow it to crank long enough. So we plugged it into CLIP to erase the fault but it wouldn't allow us to.. tried numerous things but no it wouldn't work.. So I'm out to get a new ECU, UCH and key today.. Been such a pain..

Plus whilst all that was going on I went to change my sender unit for the Phase 1 unit and found that previous to my ownership some incompetent prick had decided to seal the O ring that holds the sender in with silicon as the hole in the tank was distorted and the new O ring purchased wouldn't thread on.. So it was off to Exmouth to see @Stopherson to pick up a new tank which I fitted yesterday.. All perfectly fine with the new sender fitted.

Hopefully there'll be no more problems now and my target of French Car Show looks more unlikely by the day but we shall see what happens...
Picked up a new ECU, UCH and Key locally from a chap that is breaking a 182, plugged it all in and it works spot on. The next task was to finish wiring in the Specialist Components ECU which went relatively well, only a few slip ups. Dan then calibrated the sensors.. and we started it up after putting some fuel in it :) It fired on the first turn of the key which was a relief and hearing it turn over kind of makes it worth all of the ballache over the past 10 odd months.

I then mounted the ECUs on the battery tray, as the battery is being relocated to the boot.. and tidied up the wiring loom. It doesn't look to bad I think. I'm still having electrical issues but I think it's in the relay box as there appears to be a dodgy connection.. Something else to sort out! Then its was boost pipe time, which went alright as I had mapped out roughly the routes.. just need to ordered two more connectors and an air filter but they should be here this week.


I also picked up my exhaust on Thursday so that's Mondays job, then it's fit the heatshielding, tidy up a few little bits and then it'll be pretty much there.. Should be straightforward but I'm not expecting an easy ride. Plus I have exams this week so everything seems to have come at once.. Further updates will be posted this week and hope to see some of you at FCS either way :)
Update time:

The intercooler was properly mounted last week and it looks good.. As you can hardly see it :) Also the exhaust was mounted and I've relocated the battery to the boot now. All the boost pipes are in place just need to be jubilee clipped up but as I'm having so many electrical issues they keep going in and out of the bay.


After a long week juggling exams and spending time on the car, it unfortunately didn't make it to French Car Show :( It was practically ready to drive to the MOT until the throttle fault came back for no reason after spending practically a day trying to sort it out. It shows no pattern and sometimes will be track 1 or track 2 or even both. After throwing a s**t fit and making a breaking thread I was talked into keeping it by various parties as I've put too much effort, time and money into it to just throw it all away.

So the plan now is to out a cable throttle on it to eliminate the issue, then MOT it, run the engine in and map it.. Then put a few thousand miles on it to see what issues appear and then in the winter take it off the road and go through the list that is expected. Also I plan to replace the whole engine loom and interior dash loom as there are still problems with it.

Looking at fitting the cable throttle this week and then hopefully Mot'ing it soon..
Here we go then...

Throttle cable, throttle body and phase 1 inlet were installed last Thursday along with a borrowed air filter from @Dan@SJM. It works superbly and have been converted from this drive by wire b*llocks! Then I gave it a general tidy up with a few little bits I had to do. Then took it for a quick spin round the estate.

The it was plugged in to Dan's laptop on Friday so he could perform some witchcraft and calibration.

MOT was booked for 5.30pm so we had plenty of time this time around. Sorted out some more niggles and gave it a quick snowfoam then it was MOT time. Having never driven with a paddle clutch I stalled about 10 times on the short drive to MOT centre but it made it in one piece without breaking down which was a good sign! On the MOT ramp:

Passed the MOT with flying colours which was really good and then as Dan was happy with the map I took it back to my house which was around 30 miles. Again it performed well and being immature I drove all the way home with my window down and radio off so i could hear the turbo flutter. Dan put a rev limit and boost limit on it just so I wasn't stupid and I was still running the engine in :p

Saturday evening was the monthly meet so I met Dan at J26 and we headed to Exeter for some motorway mapping. It went well and we ran around 0.8 bar of boost still with a rev limit though :( haha. It did develop a coolant leak Saturday daytime but it appears to have sealed itself up.
I then went to BHP Fuelfest in Exeter on the Sunday.. Was a poor show but the Clio did well and eventually made it after breaking down once. Thanks to @Dan The Top Bloke and @cliovirgin for helping me out.
I went out Monday night for a drive with my mates Ibiza Cupra R that I could never catch well certainly that's changed now haha.
And yesterday I changed the oil to the decent stuff I will be running..

And that's where I am now.. had to put it away though as it is thirsty!

Next step is to buy a solid engine mount as it's eaten one already, fit my air filter setup and then drive it round for a bit, fault find and then take it off the road again in the winter and sort any issues out!

Thanks to @Dan@SJM @Stopherson @Dan The Top Bloke and everyone that has helped me along the way! Still alot more to go though!
Tidied up a few little bit's Saturday and then did some more mapping with Dan. Pulls well now and I am happy with it, still needs some finalising but it's pretty much there.

The plan now is to just generally tidy it up, enjoy driving it for a bit then sell it and get another project I think.. We shall see :)
Got my wheels back from refurb last week, just need to get the tyres on and get them on


Starting to enjoy it more now that I'm getting used to the clutch... :p
  Edition 30 / GSXR750
Got my wheels back from refurb last week, just need to get the tyres on and get them on


Starting to enjoy it more now that I'm getting used to the clutch... :tongueout:

where did you get the wheels refurbed mate? need to get mine done.
Car looks real good mate. Can I ask where you got your boost pipes and hoses from. ? And what studs and nuts have you used for the turbo to manifold join.
Car looks real good mate. Can I ask where you got your boost pipes and hoses from. ? And what studs and nuts have you used for the turbo to manifold join.

Thank you mate. I got my hoses and pipes from or ASH as it's abbreivated too, it was a case of measures up, then buying them, then buying a couple more as they didn't fit right.. bit of pain but I got there in the end. Worth looking at someone's to see the route they took. And the studs and nuts were just some exhaust manifold ones from eBay.. and they seem to be doing well so far.

If you order from ASH put 'ASHHOSES' in the coupon bit for 15% off!