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L11 PEX awesome blue 172 cup *Darlington*


ClioSport Club Member
  Many Things
Saw you at morrisons in Darlington, car looks awesome

From what I could see it has:

Coilovers ...epic lows + camber
K-tec buckets
Smooth recess on front bumper
Single wiper
Custom exhaust...hanging low :-/
Fluorescent orange pro race 1.2s lol

Ste King 182

it aint me but hes called luke its a 172 turbo lol !!!

dnt think hes on here, might b wrong but never seen him post.
  clio 172 cup turbo'd
Hi just sorted an account out :) yeah that's mee :) and your list is correct haha AAS exhaust & lots of engine bits lol ... She's in process of a rebuild ATM trying to get her ready for nurburgring again ! U from darlo like ?


ClioSport Club Member
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Alright mate, nah I was picking my girlfriend up from darlo, is andyRG doing the rebuild on it??? My cup should be turbo'd this time next year