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Lunchtime toasting for the Sangy

Its true, my supposedly fast Cup was out classed by a VTS!

Coming back to work at lunch I saw a nice black saxo scream up behind me. didnt think anything of it til he pulled out to overtake. I went to counter but totally missed the gear and after a loud crunch he was gone! I know it was a VTS as I saw the badge as he flew by :(

Still, a few miles up the road there was a dual carriage way for a short while and I re addressed the balance by canning his fat ass. He laughed and waved as I went by safe in the knowledge he had me first!

Nice chap though, maybe they arent all that bad? Made me giggle anyway!

Still, i know what id rather drive. I cant stand saxo drivers. Here in Aberdeen im sure they think they drive Ferraris. Oh and if any saxo drivers read this please dont start moaning, its only my opinion and i stick with it.


  Audi TT Stronic

he hardly beat you though if you missed your gear.. bad drving skil thats all ;)

thanks for the support, he caught me by surprise! It wasnt as clear cut when I did get him though, nippy little things those Saxos!
  mk2 172

i would say that mate cos its true, a win is a win, schumi fuks a corner up and it costs him the race, is that void cos he messed up! its not proving the sax is faster but he did certainly win if ya know what i mean

that he did and fair play to him, no wonder he was smiling! I might have a look on the Saxo boards to see if hes celebrating his victory.

As for me, its practice time with a few Santa Pod meetings that are coming up!

You know you have won, when the other does something very very stupid to get past you or they just back the F**k off, that my impression.


Did I see you again about 6ish?

Saw a Cup pull out a few behind me so slowed up, I was waiting for you to come alongside but the other car braked a bit early!! I went on towards Wallingford, you off to Abingdon.

Ill keep an eye out!

Oh yeah, I stuff up 2nd the 3rd quite often!!!


That was me, thought about canning down that road to wave but didnt have much petrol!

Im very impressed at how clean your car was so didnt want to get too close!