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Made a MGF kiss my willy 3’s arse

Was on my way to Romford when a MGF (nice looking one ) pull out on me and cut me up !! Thats it your dead !! The guy thought he was the nuts. Some of you will know the road Pudding lane, very tight and windy. Sat up his arse pushing him along doing 70 he could not go any faster. Got to the top and the road opens up into a dual carriage way (bam) he we go foot down got to about 60 made him move over and opened her up was soon doing 100 looked back and he’s KISSING MY WILLY 3S ARSE

You sound like a right t**t m8. Chances are he was out for a drive not a road race and some sad litte f?cker in a clio starts tailgating him then drives off at speed. I bet he was very impressed you sad little tw@t.

Thats a bit harsh mate, I think you got that the other way around mate he was the one giving it the large I just killed him off.
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NEil82 and baz654 your response was abit over the top wasnt it?? So Gazza had some fun with an Mgf... Neil you havent even got a Clio so if you dont like what you read why dont you fcuk off??!?!
  VW Potato

...cut me up !! Thats it your dead !!

at the danger of sounding like my old man (again), would you not consider that he did not cut you up but he made a daft driving mistake like we all do from time to time? Rather than say ...youre dead how about oh well and let it be? You could have enjoyed the road and the drive just as much if you werent already treating it like a duel. And he wouldnt have wondered why a Clio was heckling him for miles. You proved you could go faster than him - but do you think that you proved youre a better high performance driver?

Sorry to sound sanctimonious, but lots of nasty things can happen when drivers lose their cool or are intolerant of others mistakes, and then its not just your P&J that gets hurt.

Remember - the Renault ad tells us lot to remove agression before driving

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Pudding lane brings the memories back

Pudding lane is a bit like creep hedge lane in swf,very twisty with blind corners and comes to a end at a T junction (gravel lane).
Anyway back in 79 my mate was riding his bike opposite the junction when some t**t overcooked it and wiped him out putting him in oldchurch hospital on life support.
14 days later he was dead,only 10.
His name was Stuart Mann.
Theres right place to race and pudding lane aint one of them!
And since when has the MGF been a great handling car? Why do you think MGR ditched the metro suspension for a conventional setup on the new TF.

btw didnt see any Clios on the track at the Rally day at combe,come on Nick get the boys there next year!

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  172 sport,

i have to say it my sister has an mgf but i did insist she bought a 1.8 vvc i beleive it has 170 bhp lowered 20mm traction control and has 215/40/16 eagle f1s all as standard ive used it loads its a little bit lairy on a straight but bumpy rd but on the twistys see ya you aint gonna touch it if the driver knows how to drive a rear wheel drive car which i do i have to say its a close competitor to my 172 even if its a hair dressers car

This is true.... there wasnt "any" clios at the rally day @ Castle Combe

Bit annoying when you think both Peugeot Sport Club and Vauxhall Sports Car Club made the effort

We will have to set up a stand for next year.. well worth a visit! was a top day out... ill be post my pictures shortly for all to see what you missed out on!!