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modded 16v V’s Modded 106 GTi

im not a big fan of these threads but.........

had a good, fair race with a 106 GTi with hot cams and head work as well as the obligatory exhst. and induction bits, and it was very close but mine was very slightly quicker,

when we stopped he said in amazment "is that standard? !) "

i was pleased to say the least

i was gonna ask if yours was standard - then i noticed the 2ltr bit!
what work have you had done? Is it an engine swap? just the bottom end? modded or standard?
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

ill have u a blast Craggy mate!!


I know this has been asked before, but did you notice a big improvement from the 1.8 to the 2.0??

  mk2 172

your on mate, dont think ill keep up with yours either tho! anyone got a boggo valver, that would be better!, for me of course:)

in no particular order -

Ben H - no it wasnt yellow and how dare you suggest that a car you pulverised would have caused me even the slightest trouble! ;) it was red and i raced it in perfect conditions, midnight on a deserted ring road (the keynsham to downend one) and showing 2 oC on my clock, eased past him approaching a roundabout giving a little chirp and grunt of induction noise, then we went for it on a rolling start from the next 2 roundabouts, then after a long stretch we can level at some red lights on the ring road where we exhanged brief specs befor another caneing, the car was how i like it, i.e moderatly modified but standard looking, it was loud though, i expect we were both expecting to win easy because both cars are quicker than standard despite still looking standard, i still say they are fine cars, would have one if id fit!

- the engine is a compleate williams from a late willy 3 everything inlet is genuine OE williams, other than that its is stage 1 Hillpower chip with de-cat, and full magnex, and piper X induction kit, everything on the engine that can be replaced was replaced but with OE williams stuff, internaly its standard, but i used the 16v G/box with a new williams clutch so it hasnt got the top end legs of a williams,

its without doudt much quicker than my valver which was also basicaly standard (just exhaust, de-cat and Induction kit) much nicer to drive but i do miss it coming on cam at 4.5k the power is much more progressive and urgent. im very intrested to see how it compares against a williams with the gearing, untill then im rather pleased with my first fairly fought battle

if it does stay with me a bit longer im keen to properly modify the williams engine internaly bacause the whole car hasnt cost me silly money and i have no fears of molesting it unlike i would with a proper williams.

its all about money, and in my uneducated opion i dont think 180+BHP is useable in the FWD clio chassis wheel spin would take over in the absence of a LSD

the only thing that annoys me is the lack of off the shelf engine bits and tuneing companies for the F7R when compared to the red top 2.0 16v vaux or the K series rover but then i refuse to own a nova/corasa or a metro

Ben, yes the willy Vs 106 was close, but the wily engine now feels loads faster then my old 16v, how are the tyres? we havent had much dry weather to find out i suppose?

Adam it cost me roughly about a grand but i sold a load of the left over stuff that wasnt needed,

it cost me

engine and box compleate = £300

all new parts for the willy engine + clutch £350

hill power chip = £160

fitting = £300 (included a fitting a few other bits and a fair bit of messing around with the gearboxs)

but i got back £400-£500 on left over bits

i think thats a bargain, but i still wont get my money back when i sell it i doudt so i might as well modify it properly! and no pesky 106s will be causing me the slightest problem
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

My clio has got a Mild race cam supplied and fitted by Turbopacs, a Superchip, gas flowed and ported head/manifolds, full scorpion exhaust with de-cat, hill power induction - i assume it should be around 165 bhp?? What do you think??

depend totally on how far they went with the head, BenR knows about these things and aparently there are differnt port shapes are suited to differnt heads so if the company that did the work wern;t familier with the head it might not be massive gains, port texture is also important too, but on the other hand BenHs made 171 BHP with similar mods and that was dynod,

who did the work, whats the lift of the cam?
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

It was all done by Turbo pacs, but i dont know about the cam - the work in total came to £2000!

The guy who did the work on my engine is an F7P (Clio/19 16v) engine specialist, so Id expect he would know how to get power out of the engines. Derek Pratt in Winchester.

Lofty: the tyres are fine mate. I knew what to expect with the Yokos as I had the same tyres but in 16" all round before on my old wheels. With 15s and the slightly narrower/fatter 195/50 profile, I notice no difference in terms of grip. In fact Id say that the ride is more comfortable now and the handling slightly better. Less tramlining. The car also seems to accelerate that bit better too.

Id recommend to anyone who wants the best ride/handling on a 16v to stick with original wheels and to just change the tyres.
  Lionel Richie

Jon16V beat our mate in his VTS off the lights and round a few bends etc (both had induction kits and backboxes but thats it)