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No World Series by Renault in 2012


It has been announced that there will be no UK World Series by Renault in 2012. It is moving abroad to either Brazil or Russia... :S

It will return to the UK in 2013.


Does seem a random choice, but my guess is that they've got a large portion of the UK market and need to 'spread their wings' so to speak.

Or it could just be in order to avoid the Olympics...?


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I think it will be because of timing around the 2012 Olympics...especially if they're going to organise one for 2013...if they'd stopped altogether, then it would be more disappointing.


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I heard they decided not to run it as they couldn't compete with CS Saturday.

But in all seriousness it's a shame, a very good day out normally.
Why not a CS holiday trip to either
2-3 June: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
30 June-1 July: Nürburgring, Germany

Im made up about no UK I allways miss it anyway.
clowns, 3rd best attended motorsport event of the year two years ago, imagine last year wasnt far off.

renault arent anywhere near what they used to be but on the flipside they dont need to push here, not as if its an important market now is it...
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If you go on the World Series site the TBC venue has got a link to the Silverstone Circuit :S. Maybe it could still happen..?


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Shame this is as its the only motorsport event that me and the whole family attend,even getting my grandson interested was great,looks like all my spare time is going to be watching tony and jay in the "tin tops" racing....:approve:

The Boosh!

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Renault have arranged an event called the Renault Festival which is being held in france with all the European clubs... Ill post more details about it in due course but is a potentially a viable alternative to WSR (if you don't mind driving to france that is).
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It now says it is on at Silverstone, but only the Renault 3.5 series. It looks like it is being run along side the World Endurance Series
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Thats a massive shame, I missed it last year but was good fun the two before that, even when I didnt have a Renault at the time!
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The Formual 3.5 race was really good this weekend just gone at Silverstone. It was the (only) support race for the FIA World Endurance Series. Really could of done with an extra race throughout the day though.
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shame i really enjoyed it and it had a massive turnout the last time it was on......just an excuse for me to go to spa i think lol
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The biggest motorsport country in the world and they don't host it here. f**king renault. I've missed this the past few years :(


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I actually gave away my tickets because I couldn't make it, thinking I'd be able to go another year because it was always in the UK... or not.