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please help, clio 172 making noises and drives bad

  Clio Sport 172
Hi i have a clio 172 with 3 problems hopefully all 3 are down to one solution,1: in first gear sometimes 2nd it makes a horrible noise when accelerating ive notised pot holes and uneven surfaces can trigger this grinding noise....
2: on full lock at very slow speeds ie parking the car it almost feels like the front wheels are locking over at different angles maybe a few digrees out as the tyres try to bounce and scrub the road surface.
3: on fast left hand bends there is a horrible vibration like the wheel is going to fall of but fast right turns are fine and also "relaxed" driving speeds you wouldnt know there was a fault... hope someone can help me as i have asked a few garages and they cant help, next step will be paying renault £90 just to look at the car for me thanks... ash