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Rusted up handbrake on 172??

Having recently bought a 2nd hand Clio 172 I have found it is all in pretty much perfect order (other than an annoying squeaking sound!) other than the handbrake. Looking underneath it there appears to be some pretty bad rusting and it generally looks worse for this particularly serious and how much would it cost to get it fixed up? I havent seen any rust anywhere else on the car under the bonnet etc and the handbrake seems to be working fine for now

Thanks in advance (pictures attatched)

  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
I have a 2nd hand clio too (2002 reg) I have had it about 4 months and have noticed few spots of rush including the handbreak, I just put it down to a previous owner living in Hull (maybe the salt in the air) I never really worried about it.
Thanks alot guys..I had a feeling it was ok but just wanted to check incase it was something that did need doing. Still getting used to the very very high biting point (thought the clutch might have been going but then read up here that it is apparently normal with the Clios) but other than that dead pleased with my new 172!