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Scratched black speedline tale of woe!

  GW RS200
Lent my 200 to a family member today to give it a test drive for any hour, my only instruction being to look after the wheels. Comes back with a scuff on one (sob). Actually, can anyone recommend any company or service who could repair the silk black paint, preferably as a call out? I just want it back perfect again, it's only a week old!

Edit: It's admittedly only the size of a 5p, but a very shiny silver 5p in the middle of a pristine matt black wheel. I'm in Dunstable, Beds - should have mentioned that!!
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Unlucky. How did they do it? Damn those family members.

Chipsaway maybe? They'll arse rape you (probably) though. Especially if they come out to a workplace to do it, etc.
  GW RS200
Urrgh, worse than I orginally thought - looked again and its a nice scrape across three spokes. On the plus side chipsaway are doing it for £50 tomorrow - hurrah :)


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  Extreme mode
Satin black. Done. I got a tin from Halfords to spray the centre caps, not a bad match tbh!
What, exactly, does that video show it protecting? Two mins in and I haven't seen them tw*t a kerb yet and come away scratch free.

LOL, I post and it comes after two mins. Typical.
  GW RS200
Pretty impressive! Once you kerb it, you do of course end up with a cheese grater effect rim cover, which isnt ideal, but I am nitpicking a bit, better than the wheel itself I guess!