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Second hand 172 advice

Hi there,

Currently have a 185bhp elise & ancient 205 1.9 which has really gone past its sell by date. So am considering a second hand clio 172 to replace that. According to those chaps at Evo the mk1 172 sport was sharper than the current one. Has to have aircon so the cup is out (I live in the S of France).

So what should I expect to pay for a good un? What to watch out for etc (is there a faq section I can go to). Also whats the build quality like. Sounds better than the pug but still noticeably inferior to the equivelant uber wagon golf?

  Leon Cupra

A two year old one with avg miles will go for about £7-8000 in the UK, dont know about in France its got to be cheaper than ripoff Britain.


Prices seem to have dropped abit on all 172s probably due to Renault bringing out the Cup, expect to pay more like 9-10.5k in the UK for a really good mk1 172, not thrashed, and well cared for. I have seen a few cheap ones for 7.5k, saw one in Romford in Essex, and it was not in the best condition at all, you get what you pay for.....

Hi Dan, I dont think you can really know that...

its got nothing to do with the cup as prices were low BEFORE the cup.. its the WHOLE second hand market unfortunately - or fortunately - depending where you sit ....

there will be as many mint ones for sale as ratty ones... just a matter of searching.

A new 172 a few months ago was 11k on the road... a 1.5 year old model - that was a style behind was already less 25% for vat n taxes.. so £8.25k value agains a similar new model...

then mileage, the need to sell, competativeness... soon knocks another grand off it.. so we are at £7.25k .. they ask £7.99k and think.. " hey, we will let it go for £7.5k", but when the notes are down on the table, its £7.25k

And, thats the way the market is.. what it means is that you can get a state of the art sports hatch that will leave any other clio (apart from the cup) for just over 7k... you get all the toys, you get a nearly brand new car...

does it mean its cheap ??. or loosing value too rapidly ??.. nope... just the way it is..

When I see posts about Williams at 7k, I cringe.. you would have to be insane to buy a williams over a 172 -- AT THAT PRICE !

deal of the century if ya ask me...

imho, as always...

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

What does it say about the Williams, when they can command the same premiums as theyre 6 year junior 172s?

Thing is buying a Williams, your not just buying a hot hatch are you. Youre buying somthign that everyone worth their salt knows about, raves about, one could even say youre buying a piece of history.

The premiums reflect the cult status it has. Which is rpecisely why I bought one.