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Squeaky V6/172 Drivers Seat

  Clio RS 172 Ph2

The nice leather/alcantara drivers seat in my Vee (but also fitted in the 172s)has developed a really spine tingling squeak when going over bumps etc.

It seems to be whenever the seat rocks, i.e. tilts back/forth slightly. Adjusting the height of the seat can improve it for a while but it comes back.

Ive tried spraying WD40 all round the seat base, the hinge area, etc., but again makes no difference.

Is this a common problem that I have to live with, or is there a cure for this, or an area which I maybe have missed with the old trusty oil can?!? Please help, its driving me bonkers when driving round town!




ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Audi A3

Mine creaks (if thats the word) thought it was my posterior causing the problem!! :oops:
  Clio RS 172 Ph2

No this is a metallic sound, not so much creaking, more sort of "screeching" its a real spine tingling sound.