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The Sun say Clio 172’s hold 79% of their value, and CT

Just read a little snippet in yesterdays (fridays) Sun that says:

" The Hond Civic Type R is Britains favourite hot hatch - and also the best at retaining value. Glasss Guide experts say that a one-year-old Y reg Type R keeps an incredible 90 per cent of its new price ahead of rivals like the Seat Leon Cupra (82 percent), Renault Clio 172 Sport (79) and Golf GTi (79). "

I dont thinks thats too bad considering the on-the-road price is £15,500. So less 17.5 VAT thats £12,787.50.

79% of £15,500 is £12,245. I paid (in the end) £13,250 for an official car, so that means I will have only lost £1,000 when my cars a year old.

That seems to be too good to be true.. so I expect it is.

Never mind


hmmmmm, the Sun eh ???

if we believe those jokers, then mine is actually worth £1000 more than I paid for it in 1 year...

ok.. I can live with that lol..



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

There is some truth in this...

Civics are holding there values better at the moment due to a lack of cheapo imports and the fact that you have to wait a few months even to get a UK one.

As a result demand exceeds supply, so forces the CTR prices to remain artificially high.

Wont be long until there are more CTRs about and the prices will drop like any other motor...

Cap, it wasnt the suns stats, it was taken from Glasses guide!

BTW theres no way yer going to get top book for an import!

Teady lol..

They are ALL imports... there is only uk spec or not..

my logbook says nothing of import or registration outside the uk...

the service book ??..

at the second service.. tell them you have lost the book.. they have the first service on record... they give you a new book with all stamps up to date...

not of course, theat I would ever condone such a dispicable thing.. heaven knows what the buyer could be getting eh


Its the principle of the thing Cap. I know there all imported from France, the term import as Im sure you know is used for cars sourced from other EU countries!

Why should you get more money for your car than you actually paid! I would have loved to have gone into my local Renault dealer and paid around 12K, thats the way it should be, hopefully it should be getting better in the not too distant future!! I would dread to think where Id be now, if I hadnt gone the official route, I dont think I would have got a replacement!!

Id be seriously pissed if I bought your car for over the odds money, technically youd be fraudulently selling your car to an unwitting punter!

no way dood.

the price you get is related to demand...

the price you pay is your problemo...

Caveat Emptor...

it is not logical or sensible to consider the price paid.. just.., for the buyer... does it fill my need within my budget ?

If someone was petty enough to assk if it was an import, first I would ask them to define it..., then, I would tell them its source state.

otherwise, no, b****cks.. it doesnt matter....


"If someone was petty enough to assk if it was an import, first I would ask them to define it" - If you asked me that Id state my previous definition!

Why is being petty, if the guy does manage to wangle it out of you, hes going to walk away if you are asking too much. The reason you ask? Coz he know hes either going to get an import at a lower price from someone else, or hell get an official car for the same price, most likey with some warrenty left too.

No Teady Sir..

that is how you think...

many others buy items based on their pereived value to the purchaser.. nothing more...

if we followed your philosophy.. we would never buy anything...

  mk2 172

ithink youll have to stalemate on this cos no-one is gonna pay 12k for a nearly new import whereas no-one with a uk car which was nearly new would sell it for less, cant imagine anyone buying from reno for 15k and then selling it straight away for 10 as most people would expect to pay for a newish import.

depends what you want i suppose........

Ok then straw poll!

Is there anyone here prepared to pay over the odds for an import 172?

E.g. Buy it from someone that has bought for less than hes selling for.
  mk2 172

no, i would ask if it was an import and if it was i would expect a suitable price cut, its the principal really, theres no difference in car but like i said, pricipal.
  Fiesta TDCI

You get the same warranty now with Imports so why would people pay more for a UK sourced car, as the Captain says there is NO difference.

You will probably find that the majority of 172s are imports due to the massive savings.

I think if you sell in a couple of years the price difference between UK sourced and Imports would be minimal.

There are also a lot of people who still dont realise the savings to be made by importing so wouldnt ask the question.

I would be confident that I could sell the car for the same price as a comparible UK car, its just a case of finding the right person!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

This import stuff seems completely irrelevant where a Clio is concerned. There are cars, a lot of them Japanese, that never made it to the UK (Mitsubishi FTO is probably one of the most popular). I can see the problem with these kind of imports as getting parts may be difficult and therell be little dealer support. But a Clio??? There are millions of them! They are all built in the same factory I believe, so who cares?

There are good reasons for buying a new one from a UK dealer if you choose to pay the extra money, but once the car is secondhand I cant for the life of me see how it makes any difference. I think its probably true that the existence of a lot of imports might drag the price of UK cars a bit - but you know that when you choose to buy from a UK dealer, right?

I bought mine from a UK dealer knowing all this - its still a choice when buying new, but I doubt it makes the slightest difference buying secondhand - its all down to how the things been looked after I would have thought?

Gosh that was a long post!

I dont think anyone is really getting the jist of my annoyance!!

Its the fecking principle of the whole thing! What Im realy getting at is, Im about to go into my local dealer and ask for a swap deal on a Cup, do you think the owner of a 6 month old import would have a hope in doing that?

Stokesy and Mike..

well said guys.

there is a real misunderstanding regarding second hand cars portrayed here and elsewhere on the net.

THERE IS NO PRICE DIFFERENCE between a clio 172 sourced from France - to Holland - to uk.. or direct from France to uk.. (The only proviso is that the car must be uk spec.. which the EU sourced cars are)

there is also absolutely no relationship between new price (wherever sourced) and second hand price.

Mike is spot on too with the analogy of the non uk spec cars that are just not available here... they are serious risk packages due to spares and servicing.. the price reflects this.

The secondhand car market is now the lowest price it has ever been due to the arrival of what you all asked for ??.. ie - cheaper cars you dont get anything for nothing.

people quoting figures of 2750 etc for a 10 year old 100,000 mile clio are not really up on the market as it stands today.. sorry, but... think about it.. it is 1/4 of the price of a brand new 172 !!!.. 0 years old.. 0 miles...


Hi Teady..

there is no principle.. you pay what the market can stand.

I have no obligation to inform you, or anyone, of what I paid or didnt pay for my car.. or anything else for that matter.

the owner of the 6 month old import is in exactly the same boat as anyone.. he/she owns a full uk spec clio..

If I wanted a cup, I would also source one from the cheapest supplier.. wherever that may be.. and I know my local reno dealer does not fit that bill.

prices asked by reno dealers in the uk is way ott... they cannot be used as a milestick for comparsions here..


Listen, Im not disputing the fact that we pay far too much for our new cars, thats not the issue!

Is no one taking me up on my straw poll, come on I cant be the only one! This is ridiculous!

BTW the owner of a 6 month import is not in the same boat as me or anyone else planning to trade in a UK car, when it comes to trading it in!

Im with Teady on this - I would NOT pay the same money for a second hand import as a UK sourced car, as I know what the price difference was to start with - irrational, maybe, fact - hell yes... and I reckon I am not in a small percentage of people with this view.. I have had discussions on this exact topic with friends of mine, and EVERYONE was of the opinion that they would ask the "Is it imported?" question, and the answer would determine the price they would pay - and it would HAVE to be cheaper for the import....
  Renault Laguna Coupe

So maybe we should turn the question around: 2 used cars, same condition, same miles. How much more would anyone pay for the UK supplied one? Dont get me wrong here - I bought mine from a UK dealer and therefore paid more than most, but I know that a better looked after import would fetch more than mine 2nd hand, and why not?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Which I suppose proves, quite rightly, that the customer is king! OK theres a certain amount of logic and a certain amount of emotion in this, and a car is an expensive and long-term commitment. The same doesnt hold for a 4-pack of Stella or a carton of 200 B&H bought from a French hypermarket I suppose. It should do though really!