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The WORST Clio in the World!!.....EVER!

Trust me this one makes Pazs clio look awesome!!!

Just brought the new Revs and the cover car is a clio 16v that i can only describe as....comical!?! Although its not very funny!!

To try and paint a picture of it for you it has the same Mynheer kit as Pazs! Yuk!

But this clio is triple coloured!! And orange front end! Green "join" and a silvery back end!!!! Hahahaha!


It has 2 centre exiting exhaust pipes - BUT THEY ARE DIFFERENT?!!??!

Badly fitting lexus of a lexus is200!!!

And the interior!! Hahahahaha! Get this! It has YELLOW seats! AN ORANGE DASH!!! AND BLUE BACK!!! OH AND RED SEAT BELTS!!! Hahahaha!

It also has the worst mirrors and bonnet ive ever seen!!

It really is hard to believe just how sh*t this car is until you see it!!!

Anybody host pics of it for me to post??


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What do you expect ? its Revs, Sister magazine of max poo..

Stopped buying max poo about 5 years ago.. stopped buying revs about 2 years ago, I want a car magazine.. not a porno mag.

I now buy Top Gear Magazine etc..

OK pics have been sent to dash as"> as this was the email addy on your forum user profile.........

its tacky over the top heaps like pazs that give car modifiers a bad reputation. keep it subtle and simple and it looks alot better no wonder that people think car madifiers are tasteless morons with sheds like that about

That is absolute crap, I feel bad that i have actually dignified this car by a) commenting on it and b) actually looking at it:cry:

Feck me that is bad! Supposedly about £9000 has gone into that Clio!! That is absolutely awful, I agree that is the worst Clio that I have ever seen.

normally on a car that has been totally modded there are at least some bits i like, even if i dont like the overall car. but on that there is nothing at all i would even consider thinking about possibly becoming interested in.


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I actually feel embarrassed that i own the same car as him!!!! :oops:

Its not David blunkets new ride is it? Someone maybe told him it was a jag!!

The size of that wing on the back makes it look like one of those penny racers that wheely everywhere!!!!

Its a sad day for clio owners

Mitsi i share your pain!

Just incase no one noticed on that picture the two exhaust, one pipe is a normal pipe, the other a bike can style one!?! Why would you have one of each together!?! Indecisive or stupid!?

Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Just so glad that the thing isnt wearing a Cliosport Sticker. Otherwise I would of had to hand mine back.

Admin *

If this bloke trys to join the club please reject on grounds of taste.
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:eek: who could do such a thing.... who r these sick ppl

oh an is that a fiat badge on the frount? + i wounder if it can do wheelies (however u spell it) with that spoiler
  7.6cc :D

I dont like it, but at least its different!

as in, he has an original car! abeit because no one would want one!
  Megane 225 baby! :)

Urgh, that has to be one of the ugliest cars ever! Just why would you do that!?!?!?!? :confused:


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  F31 330d

The front bumper looks like it has been taped on - and looks like its made from a couple of shoe boxes and covered in felt!!!!

Im sure that this guy has spend a lot of time and money on the car and maybe hes proud of it, but PLEASE what sort of person would want to drive that can u imagine it pulling up next 2 u at the lights!! Hed beat even a EVO VII of the lights cos the owner would be halfway thru pissing his pants!!!

If i was 10 years younger and i saw that id key the fooker...
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That is absolutely








Minging! Why the fcuk would you want a picture of the incredible hulk on it? I think I might get Dumbo on mine next week and send it into the magazine! I dont mind the bit of stuff in the seat though....grrrr!
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OK its bad but only equally as bad as that silver mk2 from Brands with the "kit it up" stickers on it..?!

Each to their own of course but to me the word "Abortion" springs to mind. Must have cost a fortune? OK, its "unique" but come on people?!

IMHO of course..! ;)
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Quote: Originally posted by Batesyboy on 29 November 2002

Each to their own of course but to me the word "Abortion" springs to mind. Must have cost a fortune? OK, its "unique" but come on people?!

IMHO of course..! ;)
No Batesy I have to disagree with you there. An "Abortion" is quitely disposed of. This one ought to have been castrated long before conception.