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Titanium Ph1 172

By no means a minter but picked it up almost 2 months ago for the tidy sum of £900. Wasn't a million miles away so took a punt :)
Really wanted a Ph1 as there is plenty of ph2's around here but haven't seen many ph1's at all. Seen 1 other one in the last 2 months!

Needs a fair bit of cosmetic work, the belts and dephaser need doing first though then should be good to get on with bringing it back to its former glory.

Since driving my old 205 Mi16, its quite far the most fun i've had in a car for a long time.

I'll get some pics up this evening
This is what ive come from...


So here are a couple of pics the day i picked it up,

As you can probably see the bumper needed fitting properly, bonnet and boot need to be the right colour.



I'll try and get out and wash it and tidy it up a bit this weekend if the weather is good.

List of things to be done

Belts & dephaser
Bonnet, grill & boot respray
Engine bay tidy up
Front tyres
headlight restoration
Wheel refurb

Mod list.......and i know some of you may hate me for putting ph2 stuff on it but each to their own ;)

Ph2 rear lights
Ph2 rear bumper
Cup spoiler
Cooksport springs on new cup shocks
Spacers (not quite sure on which size yet)

C&S welcome :D
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Thanks dude, so much work went into it to get it to a good standard :)

I know... im kind of waiting for the ph1 police to turn up but thats cool. Each to their own and all that ;)

Mr R.

ClioSport Club Member
  A special one.
Elo Elo Elo, Phase 1 police here....:D

PH1 is PH1, simples.

The ONLY PH2 parts allowed is a cup spoiler.
So i added the rear lights last weekend,

I may still stick with the Ph1 rear bumper at this rate, with the light upgrade it already looks a whole lot newer :D

click for larger image

Next up will be the belts and dephaser but probably wont happen till the new year, wont gewt driven much between now and then anyway :(
Thanks :D

hmmm im swaying to keep the Ph1 bumper at the moment, i do have a ph2 part ready to be sprayed up and put on but still debating it

Not sure on the ph2 dash anymore used to love it over the ph1 but really like my ph1 dash now :S
So the weather was good today and havent driven the car all week so thought i'd take it for a B road blast. Also added my Cliosport SE sticker too :)

Just doesnt miss a beat and is an absolute joy to drive :)

Excuse how dirty it is! Only got 2 pictures as i thought driving it was much more fun than taking pictures ;)


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Glad to see your still enjoying it buddy :)

I was going to put my sticker in the same place but I think I may put mine in the center just under the spoiler.

Whats next?
I thought about putting it under the spoiler but just didnt seem to look right :-/

Next up is a few little touches while i get some money together to do all the belts etc.

Headlight restoration
Silver vision bulbs
Clear side repeaters

The big plans will wait until the belts are done. Looking through the service history the other day and there is nothing to say it has been done recently so that's top priority really
Been speaking to Bobby about getting them done with him at renault Eastbourne, will get the dephaser done at the same time. Good price too :)

The belt actually looks pretty recent but its the dephaser and lack of any recent history which worries me
  Audi A5
Looking good Tim! Stick to ph1 bumper I reckon.

If/when you want your belts done, just drop me a pm mate.
Cheers Bobby

Cant see it being till jan/feb next year now, christmas coming up and all that but i'll be sure to drop you a PM buddy
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Gotta love it up beachy head for some decent roads and picture taking. Next time the sun is out (maybe not this year) i'll clean the car and go take some proper shots. If your up for a mini photo shoot i'll give you a heads up
So i got round to doing this today

1500 then 2000 grit wet & dry by hand

Then the below on the rotary

3M Fast Cut Plus
3M Extra Fine
3M Ultrafina SE

I havent sealed them yet, will give them something tomorrow as was getting dark by the time i finished.

Will let the pictures do the talking ;)

Horrible yellow lights



1500 Grit - looking 1000000x better already!



2000 Grit


And after the 3M Fast Cut pass


Very impressed with the results! Drive back home was more enjoyable now i can see more down the country lanes

Got your memo ;)

Looking good. Makes a big difference to the way the front looks :)

Im thinking of getting a HID kit like @The Russian. has on he's. Have you thought of doing the same?

Yep instantly took about 10 years off the look of it, strangly made it look wider :S

i'll probably get a 6k HID kit at some point, not exactly expensive anymore but a few more priority things to be done first i think, noticed my NSF tyre is practicly bald so that needs doing and just purchaed daveski OMP steering wheel
  Audi A5
Can't see the pictures but I think the resistance is the same across all the clios, 3.3ohs iirc.

I used some maplins but never got on with them so just deconfigured it on clip.

what wheel you gone for?
Ive got 2 of the 3.3ohm ones from Maplin on the way back home this eve but couldnt see the part of the plug to put them into on the orange one. On the ph2 yellow ones it looks fairly straight forward

Got an 300mm OMP Trecento from @daveski its spot on but going to take a while to get used to how small it is compared to the original
  Audi A5
Hmm not sure about the connector, maybe ping a thread up in the interior section, I'm sure loads of ph1 owners have had to deal with this.
Yeah i did that last night :)

Sorted it now though, i must have been having a tard moment last night as i could clearly see where to put the resistor. Took all of 5mins and job done :)