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Unwell 172... HELP!

My 172 has started making the strangest of noises. Coming from the left side of the engine. A mechanical wobbling sound. Almost sounds like a loose mounting or something!

Does anyone have any experince of this? Is this a common 172 fault?

It doesnt seem to affect the power or any other behaviour, but its quite audiable when the car is idleing... ANY ideas would be appreciated. Typical for it to happen when theres gonna be no Renault mechanics about on a Sunday.


i dont have a 172, but try jacking up that side and wobbling the wheel about, if it wobbles, the bearing has gone, thats all i got.

Hi Steve,

Im thinking its something engine related.The problem is there when the car isnt moving too. It sounds like the side where all the belts reside.


Im stuck then im afraid, i assume youve had a very good look around the engine compartment, a friend of mine had a little bit of plastic in his engine bay that was causing nasty noises, i hope its something simple like that.

Yeah I had a rather good poke about tonight with a torch. It sounds like its actually in the engine. Hope its just an engine mount.

Im very close to St. Albans. What about you?

saffron walden, a little way away, but in the same ish area i guess. merry chrimbo, as ive been trying to wish to everyone on here. sorry but i dont seem to have the knowledge on your problem, but good luck with it anyway, hope its an easy one.

hopefully my replies will keep this topic up the top for many others to see


Im often about that way actually. If i see a Dirty Valver Ill flash the fogs. Thanks for having a go at the prob. mate. Any help is always good help! Im gonna go try at least get it in the garage next week, Ive got to go back to work on the 6th :( Then i wont have time. Hope driving it doesnt mailto:bugg@r">bugg@r it up!!

Must get my membership sorted. I like it here.

Oooh and Im in the middle of you two....Bishops Stortford. If you see a very dirty black Mk 2 172, give me a flash - I see none around here. One mark 1 Silver and thats it!

And sorry to just but in without any advice for your problem :(

I got a good tip for you on the dirty car thing.

if your mums a bit of a tidy freak, as all ive met are. just dump your car on her drive for a couple of days and return to find a nice clean car!

i cant beleive she actually washed it, ill have to do that more often.

Seems to be an abundance doesnt there! - not that theres anything wrong with that before any Silver Mk1 owners get offended!

Ive only seen 1 other Mk 2 around here ever, and it was black like mine and we had a little race before he turned off never to be seen again.

Steve, if theres a 172 in your mums driveway, dont worry, its mine ;)

I actually quite like the front end on the mk1s. The two slits under the headlights look kinda mean. I saw a Mk2 going into Harpenden once, and got a nod from the driver. I go to Harpenden all the time, but I never see him now. Ive just decided to try to feel unique rather than lonely :)

Without wanting to sound like a doom monger at worst case it could be something one of the belts goes arround is on its way out. Say water pump or a tensioner etc. Premature failiure of this sort is not unheard of. (I had my cam belt & tensioners / pulleys) replaced (MK1).

As youve already said you want Renault to look at it and this is definitely the right move. Perhaps avoid driving it or revving it untill then. Its all warranty of course but if a belt lets go you could be without it for a while and the less the dealer has to do the better !

Hopefully just a loose cover or something though !

Thanks Jonathan,

It does sound like its comming from that area. I think Ill maybe call out the AA to have a peek today.

Even worse; Ill have to get the missus to drive today in the 106 :(

Id appreciate it mate.

Its kind of a rhythmic squeeking / rubbing sound comming from the left hand side of the engine as you look at it. It almost sounds like something is shaking.

Ill go make a recording if itd help.

no dont worrie, would u say it could be two parts rubbing together?

its very hard to say or even surgest with out being able to look and hear it, all i can say from what i know is its probably a pulley or tensioner that is out of line or to slack,

does the sound get louder or worse when the revs increase?

I sounds possible that two parts could be rubbing. It does sounds like it comes from the area where the belts are. The sounds seems to lessen as the revs increase. Either that or it stays the same and it drowned out by the normal engine noise. It doesnt seem to happen when its first started, but after about 2 mins.

just listened to it,

doesnt sound to healthy does it,

i cant say i know have have a very strong incling but i would surgest its belt/tensioner related, although this could be wrong,

the best advice i can gi ve would be, not to run engine unessecarlly (spelling ) and take it to a renault gagarge 2moro without driving if poss or describe te prob to them on the phone first, but if u are a member of the aa cal lthem out thats what they are there for

sorry i cant be much help but i wouldnt like to say anything for sure and it be worng and cause a bigger prob

The noise sounds bad doesnt it!

Thank you very much for everyones help. Especially Paul and cheesebox. Guess Ill get the AA to take it over tomorrow.

For now Im gonna have to face being in an old 106... poo... :sick:

Just had my mk2 sport back to Renault to day with the same prob, it was the automatic cambelt tensioner, they said DONT drive it until they replace it.:(

After five days at Renault my 172 is comming home. Wey-Hey! After the AA and Renault telling me all sorts of things they now reckon its the heat shield and they need to replace two clips. 5 days in a seriously under powered Meganne 1.4 because of two clips!