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Up to date kent list

  MG ZR x2, Polo, CTR
As per the other updated lists it makes sense to have a kent list aswell.

Maybe one of the mods / admins could sticky the lists to make them easy to find / access for meets / new members.

I've started this one off with a couple of names I know.

Feel free to add yourselves.

@levaz - Herne Bay
@Mendizmo - Herne Bay
@snowey172 - teynham
@RamsgateChris197 - ramsgate
  MG ZR x2, Polo, CTR
Few more names / locations I've pulled from the other thread as no one has replied.
Nothing stalkery, all stuff you guys have publically submitted in posts. (yea, that sounds stalkery when I read it back)

@SamHowell - Maidstone
@182_James - Rochester
@JohnR32 - Thamesmead

Anyone else coming to join the party?
  MG ZR x2, Polo, CTR
Meh, close enough lol!
Hopefully once theres a few more names we can condense it into 1 post and correct that


ClioSport Admin
im from kent! Gravesend to be exact :)
I'm near Faversham
I'm in maidstone
I'm in Canterbury
Me and my brother live in birchington

I've got a 182 Trophy and he's got a ph 1 172 Steve!pax
I'm in Whitstable with a 172 Cup.

The Kent massive is looking a bit healthier!

Well done chaps, I look forward to heading down to your manor for some summer meets next year!
  Clio 172 phase 1 sc
When dreamland opens...... It's been opening for the last 5 years and one of the rides blew over the other day!!! Summer is ages away!


ClioSport Admin
Yes I'm aware of that but the site says is due to open this summer.

Can I suggest that you use the event section to list a new event. Tag all the names in from this thread and you may get a decent turnout.

If I'm about I'll try and pop down.


ClioSport Admin
was that before or after the scenic railway fell over.......again?

After. There've said they're still on target to have it finished before the summer. Fingers crossed because I'm hoping it's going to be a good piss up lol

Even if it doesn't open in time there'll still be a Herne Bay summer meet.

I would imagine a load of The Essex lot would be up for heading down for it.

We did try and get a specific Kent area rep in place but nobody wanted to do it. It means that Pacman. Who lives in Harlow, Essex took on the role in addition to his Essex duties.

Unfortunately it's not ideal as it's difficult for him to organise meets in Deepest darkest Kent.

Hopefully someone who actually lives in Kent will step up and take the role on soon.
  Trophy 459
If the Essex boys are looking to come down your need a bigger venue than the sea front !
Parking will be an issue. Stick to a pub with a large car park..


ClioSport Admin
And we are still looking for an area rep for this region so if anyone feels they would like to give it a shot please send me a PM :wink:
  clio 172 ph2
Can anyone recommend a decent place to take it for some bodywork needs a bit of paintwork on one side. Motorline had enough of my money


South East - Kent
ClioSport Area Rep
  Ph1 Clio 172
Theres a place on medway city estate round the corner from me that i've taken cars to before, very good and not too expensive either, the name of the place escapes me right now, but i'll find out for you!


South East - Kent
ClioSport Area Rep
  Ph1 Clio 172
I used to know Jay, tis a good lad and good at what he does to be fair