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V6 Insurance & i want a 172!!!

Since going to the motorshow i decided that i wanted a V6, well i can dream cant i lol. Well it was my dads fault cos he said that hed have to buy me a present for my 21st and mentioned the V6 & 172 Cup (only cos hed want 2 drive it as well, his as mad about cars as i am). I had a look at insurance for the V6 and nearly fell off my chair, £5,280 for a year.

I then decided that a V6 wouldnt be practical and would cost too much to buy and insure. I thought about the 172 Cup and decided against it cos no ABS and with my heavy right foot itd be dangerous, i tend to get to close and tend to count on my ABS to get me out of any tight spots.:cry:

Ive now decided that i want a 172 Phase 2, anyone tell me if theres a certain one to look out for?? Ive seen a 2001 172 with 15,000 on the clock for £8,995 but the only problem is its a stolen recovered.

Depends how much you want to spend, you can have mine if you want ? July 2002 in Pearl Black with 3500 miles on the clock and 3 year warranty.

Bryony, if you shop around, you should be able to pick up a mk2 with low miles for sub 10 k easily.

you have to consider that a new one in May this year was less than 11k !

Hope ya find one, auto trader is well worth a look..