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Williams Clio - another dead one

Not bothered much with the Clio scene lately but weve just had delivery of this. Its a williams 2 - complete running gear available ( in boot ;) )

Sorry for bad pic ( mob phone )

Vehicle information
Clio 3dr | 3WILLI2 | C57M | blue bodywork paint


Clio C57M

10 1994
Vehicle fabrication number F007063

Equipment level ESW
Additional to equipment level
Additional to Limited Edition
Paint code NV449
Seat trim /
interior trim ANTHRA

Equipment code
Engine type F7R 700
Engine type and suffix /

Engine fabrication number C008748

Gearbox type JC5 014
Gearbox type and suffix

Gearbox fabrication number 0008210

Type of transmission
Number of gears 5
Fog lamps PROJAD Rear bench seat FBANAR
Tinted glass VT

  FN2 Type R +MK6 Golf
Shame when there smashed up.
king stromba was probably chasing a lambo across wales when this happened...


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini GP1, Clio 182
poor thing! i want a minty mint one to sit in the garage and come out and play when its nice :)