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Would you........

Would you buy (if the thought ever occured to Renault) a V6 Mk2 TROPHY if it was a standard V6 minus xenons, ABS, leather and Aircon, had a larger spoiler ,was 300Kg lighter and had a power to weight of 250BHP, was 1 sec+ quicker to 60 and 3 to 100 and cost say £18K.......and secondly what would you think if they did? Would you say it was clever marketing ploy, a cheapo V6 or on the other hand a performance bargain, value for money, ripe for ripping the front seats out and replacing with nice race buckets etc

If it was the one just coming out then yes..a bargain. The current model, more likely a death trap. I think a mk2 v6 cup would be a great idea though..have to wonder if theyd all be competing with each others sales however.

Hmmm yes if it were a Mk2 but leave the ABS in, get rid of everything else, then stick in RaceLogic TC system....... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm :D

I get the feeling your trying to justify the standard Cups existence or do you know something from renault we dont!?

there is actaully a new v6 clio coming out, has 255bhp bigger wheels deeper spoilers bigger and better not sure on cost but its coming in the near future