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  1. Blane1992

    Fuel light

    My fuel light has come on with the needle on the first bar, the trip computer says my range left is 34 miles which is roughly when the light normally does come on but the needle is sitting at the first bar so which one do I trust? cheers for any advice
  2. Jjay

    182 Fuel Pump wiring

    Hey all, so Ive got a 182 fuel pump to drop in but the wiring is slightly different... so just wondered if anyone knew what each of the four wires are for.
  3. C


    Any suggestions on where I can buy a new fuel pump for my Clio II?
  4. dunganick

    DCI Engine Knock & wont fire (fuel system errors)

    So last weekend my 1.5 DCI 80 started making a knocking/chuffing sound from the cambelt/aux area. Power wasnt affected. Aux belt was removed to confirm it wasn't the Alternator or anything in the Aux system. Friendly mechanic has gone to pick it up and said he believes that the sound was the...
  5. C

    fuel filter

    Where's the fuel filter on a phase 2 clio 172 Thanks all.
  6. L

    Fuel Pumps

    Need to mod a 197 fuel pump to fit a larger pump inside it (if that makes sense). Anyone know if the 1*2 fuel pumps fit the 197/200? Need to mod fuel pump to get at least 3.5 bar....
  7. M

    Painting Fuel Rail Cover - Oven temp & Time??

    Hello All Sorry if this is in the wrong section... Im going to paint my fuel rail cover with VHT before fitting to my 182... Its already been chemically cleaned, and will be ordering black VHT paint today... Will the cover need the usual sanding to prep or is the surafce ok on these after a...
  8. R

    very poor fuel consumption

    hi guys, need some advice on this one. backstory is car ran fine but thought i was getting crappy mileage at 300 miles a tank on my standard ff182 with economic driving on motorways and a/b's, lamba sensor was on and off intermittently, so opted for long overdue service, cambelt and auxbelt...
  9. G

    Fuel rail cover ?

    Hello all. Just wondering what this is their for really all I can think of is in the event of a crash it saves the rail from snapping Or is their another reason. it's a horrible looking thing.
  10. marinemackay2003

    fuel sender units

    looking to sort a ph 1 fuel sender set up out for my car with fpr from a ph1 fuel rail however i was a little confused with whats what as there seems to be a few different set ups with the fuel senders this is a ph1 set up ( 2 lines ) ^ this is whats in my car ( ph1 172 ) also 2...
  11. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    diesel engine flush, using diesel fuel

    has anyone done or know of this method? basicly from what i have heard, you warm the engine upto normal operating temps, then drain the current oil from engine. then refill with diesel fuel atleast 1/2 - 1L more than the oil limit. run again for X amount of time, drain, repeat once more...
  12. M

    Fuel pressure reg question

    Hey guys just curious i have looked online with some i have a clio 172 cup the small oipe off the inlet has been blocked and my fuel rail has no fpr, now is this correct as i have seen some with them and some without? Many thanks Ad
  13. gez 172

    How much do you spend on fuel a month?

    Just wondering how much the average person on here is putting in their Renaultsports
  14. Donny_Dog

    Retardo fuel weight question

    Wasn't sure where to put this, so its probably in the wrong section. If you have a 45Litre tank - how much (when full) does the actual fuel weigh? as in, super unlead/vpower - if that even makes a difference in weight.
  15. jackthewelshman

    Sick car - fuel injector & dephaser rattle

    The past 250 miles in my car haven't gone so well, as some of the time the engine worked on full power and sounded fine, however most of the time the engine management was coming on, the car sounded lumpy / not firing on all cylinders and has been down on power. Therefore I got it into a Renault...
  16. M

    AN Hose as a Fuel Line

    Hi, I want to install stainless steel braided hose and fittings to feed my fuel injectors reel and was wondering which would be the right AN hose size... The reel inlet is 8.00 m.m. OD, I'm asuming the ID would be near 7.00 m.m., right? The AN -4 hose ID is 7/32" (0.218") or 5.54 m.m. The AN -6...
  17. pingpong

    Raising fuel pressure.

    Next on the list - would like to raise fuel pressure to circa 5 bar. Fuel rail is Jenvey item with braided lines / mocal fittings etc. Stock injectors. Vehicle has a fuel tank without a return it seems so my belief is that an additional pump can be installed in series post OEM pump to generate...
  18. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    fuel gauage problem...

    hi all, iv used search but i cant seem to find the exact fix fro my fuel guage problem . so when i fill up at the station, i fill until the pump kicks back to tel me the tank is full ( around £60 for a tank ) i go in and pay blah blah blah, come back to the car, turn the egnition on and the...
  19. M

    Fuel Rail to AN Fittings

    Hi, I want to "convert" my fuel rail to AN fittings and hoses and nneed to know if someone knows the ouside diameter of the fuel inlet tube? I found this fiting and it is 5/16", don't know if could work: Thanks!
  20. jay1232

    fuel gage problem ??

    hi guys ive owned my clio for about a month now when i fill up needle moves up my trip comp says how many miles i have left until the next fill but when it hits 40 miles my fuel light comes on needle is in red and then my trip shows - - - - Is this normal or is they a reserve if so how many...
  21. S

    Help/Advice High Pressure fuel injection pump

    Hi, My daughters Clio , Broke down yesterday and was towed by RAC to nearby Renault garage in Hull. They have run diagnostics and are saying High Pressure Fuel Injection Pump has gone and a bill of £1100 will solve it! Is there any known fixes to these as apparently its getting air into fuel...
  22. Chapppers11

    Britain's biggest ever fuel station opened today. Near Cobham, Surrey, on the M25. 1.3 million litres of Fuel, 36 pumps, 141 nozzles, 3,400 customer capacity per day. Is petrol taxed that much? Really?
  23. mikekean

    172 fuel pump in a Williams

    Does anyone know if the fuel pump from a 172 will fit into a Williams fuel pump cradle? Mine has just packed up and ive got two 172 pumps spare but before I go taking everything apart it would be nice if someone could confirm whether it will fit or not? Cheers Mike
  24. M

    fuel filter

    Is there a fuel filter on a 1.2 expression,if so where is it.cheers
  25. I

    Fuel and oil filters

    Hi guys, today I am going to service my 172 so I'm gonna change the spark plugs, oil, oil filter and fuel filter, iv had a look and I can see the oil filter but looks really awkward to get to, Is there any particular way to tackle this? And also where to I locate the fuel filter? Thanks