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  1. S

    Removing fuel tank mk2 ph1

    Looking for advice as I've never removed a tank from a clio. On other cars I've siphoned fuel, clamped & cut the fuel line and dropped the tank. So far I can see three bolts holding the tank in place but the fuel line seems quite brittle. Any advice would be appreciated
  2. Amos91

    Fuel rail nut rounded off

    Hi all, I tried to take the fuel rail guard off a few weeks ago to change the oil filter but one of the nuts appears to be rounded off. I've tried a six sided socket but had no luck. What's the best way to get it off (the other nut is fine)?
  3. N

    In Tank Fuel Filter

    Is it an easy DIY job ? I note it's not due going by the schedule until 144k but I'll be there in a couple of months and wondering if it's a doable job ?
  4. hammytrumpet

    Stupid question! 172 CUP PETROL FUEL TANK SENDER UNIT

    Ok, am I just being stupid, I need to replace the fuel tank sender unit, the one under the black plastic cover, but can't seem to get the black surround off that holds it in place. Does the black surround on the unit just screw off anti clockwise or do you prise it off. Just don't want to break...
  5. R

    Edc 200 fuel recall

    Hi, My edc 200 was in for the fuel recall check about a month ago, then back in a few weeks back to get the parts fitted. Anyone know if the bumper is taking off during the fitting? Washing the car tonight and noticed a crack in the bumper, a broken clip and other clips visible, which doesn't...
  6. thomastte

    Clio 197 fuel leak

    Hello, Need a bit of help, whenever the fuel tank is filled, when it gets to the top it pours out from underneath. I've heard under the back seats there is a seal that may be the culprit? Is this the case or is there anything else that may be the problem. When it has finished leaking it still...
  7. GT197LV

    Turbo Fuel Injectors

    Hello, I have question about Turbo Fuel injectors which are in store in this web-site. ( Can I put these injectors in my stock Clio RS 169? Just plug and play or I need o buy something else? For example Turbo fuel pump, or turbo fuel...
  8. -speedfreak-

    Performance fuels

    Hi guys, Sorry if this has been discussed before (I did a quick search which came up with nothing). What do you all think about performance fuels such as Shell V-Power? Do they really make a difference? What fuel do you all prefer and why?
  9. A

    Fuel guard

    Noticed this tonight any ideas anyone?? The bolts have sheared clean off
  10. Pauleds

    Goodridge Hardline fuel pipe

    As im building another rally car, I am looking at using the Goodridge hardline fuel pipe in the car from the tank to the front bulkhead, then use braided fuel hose in the engine bay. Has anyone else done similar.
  11. B

    JMS RS2 fuel rail bracket

    Does anyone know where I can source one from? Just one of them has vibrated off on mine and I can't find it so need a new one. Not sure if James is still trading etc or know where he got them from?
  12. Stopherson

    bhp fuel fest west point

    OK a bit late notic But who would be interested in a Clio sport stand for fuel fest at west point in Exeter Tickets are £10 per person need a minimum of 10 cars to have a stand Cut of point is 31st of may
  13. A

    Fuel rail bolt sheered, what is its size to replace it?

    Hi Guys, One of my injectors failed so I was just swapping it out, put the fuel rail back on and sheered the bloody bolt connecting the rail to the rest of the engine. Any idea what I need to replace it with and if I can get one from Screwfix or something tomorrow? Will
  14. Danix60

    Clio 172 Fuel pump wont prime.

    Hi, tried to find here some answers for my problem without success , the fuel pump wont prime, but if i connect the + wire to +12v with a relay the fuel pump works, the fuel pump is ok, the fuel pump relay is ok, i am thinking on a broke wire some where behind steering wheel to engine bay , what...
  15. Simmie

    Fuel pipe size?

    can anyone tell me the size of the pipe that fits on to the fuel rail please? I need to fit a fuel sample kit but I am unsure of the pipe size.
  16. R

    how much do you spend on fuel?

    looking for some ideas on how much people spend on their cars fuel wise reason being im looking to buy a 172 and wondered what the fuel is like cheers
  17. rttam

    intermittant lazy starting fuel pump relay???

    my girlfriends 02 plate phase 2 has had a minor problem for a while now and has started to get worse thought id pop up a quick question on here before i get more involved in it :) car always starts lovely first thing in the morning basically very periodically the car would not start when warm...
  18. sharkeygrim

    TURBO fuel sender

    I have got a walbro 255 pump and ph1 fuel sendwr; I know there a modification that needs to be Done but I'm not sure HOW ? Can anyone help me out what I need to do ? This is for my turbo build Many thanks
  19. J

    1.5 DCI fuel pump

    K9K fuel pumps are always coming up on the forums and I want to pick your brains. I have a clio diesel and want to remove the uplift pump side of the pump and use either a single pump or 2 pumps to get the required pressure which is 5 bar to operate. With the 2 pump system was thinking of tank...
  20. robygodzilla

    fuel tank changed

    Having just changed the fuel tank on my 172 cup it's now not starting. I can hear the pump run briefly and I thought I'd maybe got the two lines plumbed in incorrectly but after lifting the rear seat and prising the pipe off nothing came out. I put just over 4 litres of petrol and was just...
  21. TarkMalbot

    Waldron Uprated Fuel Pump

    I have one of these that came with the throttle bodies. Is it worth fitting? I don't understand how the fuel pressure is managed on the standard fuel rail so not sure what I am doing. Any tips? I meant Walbro by the way. Auto correct got one over on me and I can't change then thread title now!
  22. malyon

    Fuel rail modification / issue?

    Right I noticed on the end of my fuel rail looking at sat snared cars there should be some sort of vaccume valve with pipe connecting it to the throttle body. But mine looks like this with valve missing and the pipe capped off at the throttle body. Is this some sort of modification I'm yet...
  23. motep

    Split fuel line

    Hi guys. My fuel line is split and spraying fuel out! To change it there is a connector at the front where it goes into the engine bay but where does it connect at the tank side? At the pump under the rear seat there is 1 fuel line but it is not the one that's split! [emoji20]
  24. M4D M4X

    HELP need advise custom fuel tank.

    Hi all I hope someone can shed some light as i need advise from people regarding the issues i have doing a custom fuel tank. Here's the tank in question so you can see what i'm talking about. So one of my problem i'm facing is to do with the roll over breather (under the filler neck 1st pic)...
  25. Ph1 Tom

    Fuel setups

    My current car runs a return and a pressure regulator in the rail. The new one has no return or regulator. Which is best?!
  26. M

    Ph1 172 fuel gauge and speedo faults

    I've just purchased a ph1 172 and noticed the fuel gauge has a strange mind of it's own. When the battery is reconnected it reads normal for a while then it will just go completely over full and keep going the opposite direction does this sound like a dash panel fault ? Also the speedo will...
  27. StuOwen86

    Can you get a keyless fuel filler cap

    Can you get a fuel filler cap that doesn't need a key that I can use mainly for when I'm at a track day.
  28. A

    upgrade fuel pump clio 172 mk2 ph1

    hi all, i have clio 172 mk2 ph1 my fuel pump housing has one fuel input and one output. can i just replace the original Renault pump inside with walbro 255? will it work or it doesn't fit there. thanks for the help amir
  29. dablk

    Tips?.. how to get fuel rail back on.

    Off no probs, injectors swapped no probs, Can i get the damn thing back on.... No1. pops in no problem. the others just dont appear to want to locate. Any tips?.. I have tried a bit of wd40. I amassuming they all need to pop back in so that it takes a reasonable pull to get them out again (as...
  30. anthonymayow

    Fuels Your Using...

    Current for last id say 4 years religiously ran momentum99, after seeing the tests and results that different mapping companys shown, clear winner for me. did test v-power once, wasnt impressed didnt seen to pull as well and was getting 5mpg less... any thoughts?