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  1. D

    Engine turning over - No Fuel Prime

    Hi guys, Hadn't started my car for about 5 days yesterday, went to turn it on yesterday and it's not running. I'm wondering whether it's the cold weather we've had recently. Things I notice on my Clio 172: - Fuel pump isn't priming - Immobilizer light is turning on and then going off like...
  2. Archtects

    Front fuel guard box wobbles.

    this is the culprit on further looking though i found this And Good bodge by previous lol. Anyideas ive wedged it down to stop it flapping. Should i get a new one or just take it off and leave it off [emoji3] cheers
  3. V

    Universal fuelrail

    Hello im after a fuelrail for f4rt will trow away the old plastic one with only 1 inlet and get a better with in and out, anybody seen one or know were best place is to get a universal fuelrail ?? like this one, doesent have to be black :)
  4. clioalbania

    is there a video tutorial on replacing a fuel pump ?

    hello anybody has a video showing how to replace a petrol pump on clio mk2 ?
  5. Danix60

    Fuel pump doesn't work.

    Hi there, I had and 'alarm code' car security system, I took it off and put back the original car wiring, near the driver they cut off the fuel pump + wire and connected it to an external relay, I fixed the original wire to the original connector, but now the fuel pump dosent work, but if I...
  6. Danix60

    Clio 172 rs fuel gauge Problem

    hi , i just bought an Clio 172 rs 2001 and it has a problem with the fuel gauge, sometimes it works and sometimes it show "extra fuel" :tongueclosed::tongueclosed: what can it be ? btw after diag check with the button and 2 swtich key its working for a few hours.
  7. G

    Fuel tank sender wire

    Hi guys Fitting a race dash to the Clio 172 Worked out all the wires other than Fuel sender wire Iv identified 2 of the 4 Earth black Live thick yellow / cream Then there's 2 Purple And Cream/yellow The purple I think is fuel gauge But cannot get any ohms full or empty Any help will...
  8. G

    Fuel gauge on its own

    Has anyone fitted an aftermarket fuel gauge to there Clio 172/182 Just wanted to replace the standard dash in my race car for single gauges Oil temp Water temp Oil pressure Rpm Fuel Cheers gary
  9. DaveDreads

    Trip computer fuel range

    I've been thinking about this every time it happens, when i'm nearly out of fuel and the needle is just touching the red line but the fuel light hasn't come on yet, the trip computer says I can do another 40 miles before i'm totally out of fuel, 40 miles is like £10 quids worth of fuel in my...
  10. M

    ECU control of Fuel Pump in 2000 Clio 1.6

    The other day my 2000 1.6 Clio came to an unexpected halt. First thought was TDC sensor so out it came and a quick clean up (it didn't seem to be dirty) and off we went again - for about 100 yards. Same again, engine died. I got my brother-in-law to give me a tow home (well I've got him out of...
  11. R

    Air fuel ratio

    Hi chaps Anyone had any experience with an rstuner? Done a few data logs and trying to find my air fuel ratio plotted against rpm's what parameter should I be toggling 02 sensor? Which one? Puzzled here lol.
  12. sparklesTHEpony

    How much do you top up fuel a week?

    Looking to get a general idea of how much you guys spend a week on fuel on the 172/182s? Keeping in mind I'm more on about social/domestic use fuel rather than traveling to work&back a week? Reason I ask as I have now owned my 1.4 for 2 years now. I've established I'm heavy footed and £10...
  13. A

    Specs needed for a 1.6 8v fuel pump

    Can anyone tell me what spec fuel pump I would need for a 1.6 8v clio. I'm picking up parts for my autograss build and wanted to make sure I got a pump that's man enough for the job. What psi and flow rate would I need? Cheers in advance.
  14. 16_Valve

    eBay £200 Fuel Cap!

    No kidding... Universal plastic fuel cap for £207.50... 5 Sold! Must be full of platinum lol
  15. alexapps

    Fuel (pressure?) issue - Engine cuts out without warning

    Evening all, Ive had this problem crop up on the last two trackdays now, roughly around the same millage into the day with half of tank burned. In short what happens is the car suddenly without warning looses power and cuts out (if you dip the clutch). Literally like the fuel supply gets cut...
  16. Kitson93

    Fuel primer bulb squeezed in

    So I was driving las night then the car came to a sudden stop, had a nosey around and noticed there is no fuel going into the filter, the primer bulb looks as though it's been squeezed in and won't release back out. Ordered a new primer bulb but does Anyone know what else it could be? Thanks.
  17. myles841

    Strong fuel smell in cabin

    Hi all, Past week i have noticed a strong fuel smell in the cabin, ill just bullet point what i know so far. Strongest smell is when pulling off, cruising i cant smell anything car wont start first time when cold, usually a prime of the key it will fire up straight away. When warm, it fires...
  18. I

    Fuel filter location, PLEASE HELP!

    Does anyone know the location of the fuel filter on an 07 clio campus 1.2 16v (if that helps). I have read multiple other posts but all of them are for older models! Also, I purchased a fuel pump from euro car parts using my number plate and I believe I have been given what some people are...
  19. J

    Ph2 172 fuel filter location and serviceable?

    As per title, where is it and what's the interval for renewing? Ph1 172 where is the fuel filter on those models? Thanks.
  20. Diagro

    I can smell fuel when I get out of car

    Hey every time I exit the car I can smell fuel. And each time I act like a dog and sniff it out its coming from the fuel cap. I open the flap and the smell is mighty strong, this is still the case after I have washed the area very well. The cap is screwed on... any idea why I can...
  21. Ryanph1rs

    fuel filter megane 225 location?

    As above a mate bought a fuel filter for his the other day but cant find it anywhere it doesnt look like an in tank one as its got the inline connections. Any ideas?
  22. mikekean

    Race Tech Dash 2 fuel sender setup

    Hi Guys, I've got a Race Tech Dash 2 digital display in my car, it's been in a while now but only just got round to setting up the fuel guage. The instructions say you have to wire in a pull up resistor for the 5v reference so I used a 1k resistor but I don't seem to be getting bugger all...
  23. C

    182 fuel pressure

    Evening all, Anyone know what the fuel pressure should be on a standard 182? I have had a look on dialogys and had a search on the forum but cannot find anything. Cheers Ben
  24. B

    Leaking fuel!

    Filled my car up today and driving along i could smell a strong smell of petrol. Thought nothing of it but when i got out the smell was stronger. Quick look under the car and there is fuel on the outside of the tank and over the back axle. Are there any common faults that would cause this? Ill...
  25. sikora

    Fuel light out of sync

    Car cut out on me yesterday morning (An ongoing issue I'm trying to get to the bottom of) However upon restarting this time, the fuel light came on. Fuel gauge showing 1/4 tank. Stayed on despite several normal restarts that day. This morning I had another cut out, restarted (takes a few...
  26. brucey106

    Turbo Clio and fuel pumps?

    I have removed my swirl pot/pump/filter from my car so it dont stink. I just don't need it. (Prob for sale?) Anyway I have issues, the pump in tank is noisey? Prob normal?? Uprated one in tank from evo. (Rated 500bhp) and if I am lower than 1/4 tank I am not getting the fuel . Anyone want to...
  27. D

    Ph2 clio sport adding external fuel filter?

    Having issues with jets clogging up and wondered if any body has done this before and will it restrict/starve fuel to the engine? going for a oem phase 1 filter
  28. Diagro

    using too much fuel.

    Hey so I'm seeing at most 26 MPG no matter how grandmaish I drive. With a heavy foot it's 22 and below. The timings are fine as they were checked again by garage, they spot on and I agree considering how the car performs. Does anyone know what to check next? I don't think there is...
  29. D

    lost power to fuel pump

    need some help with this clio 182 when i turn the ignition on the fuel pump does not start the immobilizer light goes off after 3 seconds as it should if i turn the key off then back on the pump will start any ideas ?
  30. J

    Poor fuel consumption

    Hi there. This is my first post with my first car so apologies if I'm a little vague with my information :) I recently bought my first car - An 04 Clio Authentique 1.2. I was advised by my friend with the same car that he put approximately £20 per week of fuel and he drives every day. I bought...