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  1. Oli.

    Megane 250 - Scotland Road Trip 2014 (Photo heavy)

    I thought 2014 was going to be road trip free; fortunately that changed. In September I booked 2 weeks off work for October and got planning. This year’s destination would be Scotland. The aim was to enjoy driving some fantastic roads whilst taking the beautiful scenery. My Nan lives in...
  2. C

    Full leather recaros from lux pack megane r26

    As per title really.. Any questions just Ask. Thanx
  3. O

    Megane coupe 2.0 16v coilover help needed

    Hi I need a bit of help. I have a megane which I want to buy front coilovers for and I have the stupid different 60mm offset bolt holes. does anyone know if the clio 172 coilovers can be fitted as the look the same shape?? Thanks in advance
  4. O

    Hi Maxi megane build. Wales

    Hi guys just joined as im building a Maxi megane and the coupe club no longer exists. Got questions which hopefully the clio knowledge will be able to help me with. Cheers Oliver
  5. Adam D

    Megane - Can't close door, i'm stuck!

    So my door now and again has had the issue that when i open from the inside and try to close the door it bounces back and doesn't lock into place and shut, to solve this all i did was lift the handle on the outside and close it and the door would then close fine. Right now it has done it and...
  6. Scattle

    My Renaultsport Megane 225 Cup on Autotrader £3900

    My Megane 225 Cup is up for sale now on Autotrader, advert linked below, £3900. Thanks Steve
  7. Zephyrous

    Megane 225 in black down the m6 toll, m42, and m40

    Had a bit of a race out the toll booth then followed me down the m6 then lost sight on the m42 then met the megane again on the m40 and drove all way to the Warwick/Coventry round about.
  8. Willo40

    Black Megane Sport 54 plate Boote Liverpool

    Spotted at the lights Derby Road Bootle..... Willo
  9. AdamDoug

    Megane R26 (black) need help keeping it protected!

    Hi, im looking for some help please people! i have just started driving my new car (black megane r26) and absolutely love it! The colour when clean is amazing! my problem is I currently work at a steel making site and get a lot of contamination and fallout on the car. All my previous cars...
  10. Woznaldo

    Mk1 Megane 2.0 16v Steering Rack, is this the same as the Williams Steering Rack?

    As per the title, does anyone know if they're the same or at least have the same mountings? No Williams sold in Aus, so Mk1 Megane might be an option for a Steering Rack for my Widetrack conversion.
  11. Simon_16v

    Megane Recaro's

    Hey guys, Done a search but not a lot has come up. I've the opportunity of some Recaros from a R26 megane. What would I require for them to fit in my 182? Thanks
  12. A

    Black Megane Worcester - driving like a c**t

    Hi. Doubt you're on here, decided to stick right up my arse for around 2 miles, and then overtake cars in a blind spot, amongst being a general moron. </rant>
  13. loggyboy

    Megane Reservoir conversion

    I'm sure I read about this on here before, but cant find it on search or on google. Principle being the meganes had a remote reservoir that moves it away from the M/C that's right next to the exhaust manifold. Just after more GEN on what meganes to source from etc.
  14. George@RTR_Parts

    BTCC Rockingham Sunday 7th Sept - fair few RS Clios and Meganes

    Fair few in car park, some with CS stickers. Off top of my head: Few 182s, titanium and few more Couple of white Clio 200 with black speedlines (one ending EVK or similar with CS sticker) Black 197 UR Megane R26 LY Megane R26 Hope you had a good as day as I did :approve:
  15. T

    Megane 250 seats

    Will it take much effort to fit megane seats into a Clio 200? Would it just be a matter of swapping the subframes and rails?
  16. Ryanph1rs

    fuel filter megane 225 location?

    As above a mate bought a fuel filter for his the other day but cant find it anywhere it doesnt look like an in tank one as its got the inline connections. Any ideas?
  17. P

    Brembo 4 Pots - ( Megane 225 R26 Brakes )

    Afternoon all, Bought these last night for my clio 172.... they've got all the brackets and everything and should slip straight on (if only it was that easy ... ), but the guy I bought them off said something about putting Peugeot 406 Discs on because the fitment is better for the pads or...
  18. Knuckles

    Megane 225 F1 detail

    Megane 225 F1 Team I was asked through Facebook to enhance a recently acquired Megane 225 in ultra blue. When Shaun came by to give me a look at the car It was clear it was well looked after, very tidy bar swirled paint. The car was dropped off late on Friday evening and I set to work...
  19. Oscar88

    south east megane 225 engine transplant recommendations??

    hi guys, looking for some recommendations. best man / garage for the job of transplanting a megane rs engine into a twingo?
  20. Deejuk

    Megane Sport 225 Head Check my other items for exhaust and inlet manifolds
  21. R

    55 182 with 'ring/forum sticker & RenTech Megane - Eastney

    Both seen today, looking clean and tidy!
  22. K

    Help with Megane sport front grill

    Hi there. I've producing the french flag grill vinyls based on the clio 182/172 sports grill and I've decided ill give the megane grill a go. only problem is a i can't get my hands on a grill for a few weeks so i was wondering if there is anyone on here that can help and ill send you the first...
  23. D

    Dan@SJM's Megane 225. The sensible family car...

    Or so I keep telling myself anyway. Not much to really say about it really. 4 previous owners, 74k, cup suspension pack, climate pack. In my ownership, it's had my lower hub bearing maintainence mod applied, stage 1 remap, induction kit, and just this week had 4 pilot sport 3's...
  24. Matt e

    Megane R26

    After owning my clio 182 for the last 5 years i thought id have a change and get something a bit bigger. there was only really 2 cars to choose between a golf gti or a RS Megane. after looking at both i preferred the looks of the megane and stay loyal to the RS brand. The only colours i were...
  25. ForceIndia

    Megane ac leak

    Found a leak in the r26 ac system, and I've got a new ac switch and new seals for the pipe in that area. Does anyone know if it's just a question of undoing the pipe, replace seal, get ac regassed?
  26. W

    Megane 1.4 Mk1 immobilizer light always off - non starter

    Hi, the fob opens and locks the doors and the engine turns over but won't start. The immobilizer light will not come on at all. Scanner showed missing 12v supply to the antenna ring. Has anyone had knowledge of this type of error? Cheers
  27. N

    Not Normal Dans R26 Megane F1

    So thought it was about time I should start a little thread for the trophies replacement. After 5 years of fun filled clio sport ownership (172,197 and trophy) I had the sudden brain wave that I fancied a change. All sorts of replacements went through me head from r26's, e46 m3's, 130i's...
  28. MattDilley

    Megane 225 Wont start

    Have had a look at a Megane 225 this evening witch wont start. The problems started when the car went in to limp mode. It was then taken to a supposed Renault specialist, who diagnosed the fault to be the throttle body. This then opened a can of worms, with the throttle body replaced it bought...
  29. Craigarch1994

    Megane 225 inlet

    Hi all :) just looking for some information has any ever fitted a megane 225 inlet manifold on a 172 cup and if so is it a straight fit or is there modification needed
  30. D

    2006 Megane R26 F1 58K Ultra Blue £6295