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  1. Sunglasses_Ron

    6 Hour Megane Detail (pic heavy)

    A friend of my wife has a black 61 plate Megane and asked me if I could clean it for her. She brought it round today at lunchtime and it was in a very sorry state. Her husband has been washing it with one of those petrol station jet washes with the brush for the last few years and every panel...
  2. Benl86

    Brackets to Fit Megane Sport Brembo's to Clio 172 Cup

    Hi All, Hope someone can help me or point me in the right direction. I have a set of Megane Sport Brembo caliper and am going to fit them to my Clio 172 Cup however I am struggling to find a company that sells the Bracket adaptors that are needed to fit these to the car. Can any one recommend...
  3. - Fiona -

    Megane RS - Odeon Derby

    Came out of odeon about 1pm. Forgot to look at the reg, was too busy admiring the rest of the car! Had scorpion sticker on passengers back window.
  4. ?

    Oooops megane content

  5. Cropper

    Megane 17" alloys on a Clio

    Hi guys, I've always liked the Megane 17" multi spoked alloys and was wondering if I picked a set up would they fit on my Clio 200? Cheers
  6. 1

    Jake's Megane RS250

    Hi guys! Few of you may remember my titanium 182. Stripped, Bilstein coilovers, PMS strut brace and top mounts and a lot of other mods. Absolutely loved it and still have a soft spot for them, sold it on here after the alternator went and a fancied a change. Picked up this 250 with both...
  7. Typhoon

    RS Megane - Virgin Active Sunbury

    Tidy car, really like it. I left a flyer in case he isn't on here! Wheels need a refurb though - you been letting your nan borrow your motor?
  8. Joew182

    megane buckets in my clio?

    hi all, a friend who has a modified R26 has offered to sell me his seats. the previous owner had changed the standard recaros for a pair of OMP buckets. the price includes the frames and runners etc etc for me, but before i buy them will they actually go in okay? i really cant be bothered with...
  9. sharkeygrim

    megane gearbox into clio

    I'm just enquiring as I'm thinking into buying a megane box to put into my clio for my boost build, I have been told 1/2 inch of chassis leg needs cutting for it to to fit and use clio shafts with megane inner joints and clio outer cv joints, Only enquiry is can this work as I want a box...
  10. chrishesketh

    Megane 225 brakes?

    I have searched the Internet but not managed to get a definite answer! I have been offered a pair of Megane 225 brembos callipers, 182 mounting brackets, braided lines, and 300mm discs for £400! Mintex 1144 pads also, the whole set has covered 3k miles. I'm on the verge of buying them, I just...
  11. A

    Looking for advice on a 172 engine swap for a Ph1 Megane Coupe

    Hey everyone, As above, I have been driving my Megane Coupe (1997 1.6 8v) for over six years now (it being my first car) and I've always wanted to do this conversion. Now it looks like I'll be moving on to something newer so the chance has come for me to start considering whether or not...
  12. sharkeygrim

    megane pistons and rods capabilities

    Just a query, I am doing a turbo build on my clio, I'm doing megane pistons and rods, I have seen lots of megane owners have them running at their max at 300-305bhp with arp rod bolts? I am jw whether they'll last in my build? As a few have said there meganes have lasted a while at 305...
  13. DrewG

    Megane 225 Specialist Herts / Beds ?

    Hi All Just bought myself as 225 Meg, anyone know of anyone doing Belts is Herts / Beds area ? Reluctant to take it to a main dealer... ! Cheers for any advice / recommendations, Drew
  14. T

    Megane R26 6 Year Service Advice

    Hi, Looking at buying an R26. The car I've found has had the timing belt change in 2009 under warranty (for whatever reason), but didn't have the waterpump changed. The belts are due in October this year, but the waterpump will be around 7 years old this month. I'll get the belts/pump changed...
  15. loggyboy

    Silver megane 230 - A34 southbound near newbury.

    Earlier this eve.. had a good try at seeing how far our needles would go! Lol
  16. N

    Nick172Cups Megane 225 Build/Blog

    Nick172Cup’s Megane 225 Build/Blog So time had eventually come to move up (or down in some peoples eyes) to Megane ownership. After the last 4-5 years of owning many Clios I was after something a little bigger/refined/powerful, and after a half arsed search I came across Dan@SJM Automotives...
  17. Luke...

    Blue 197 on A27 and Blue Megane 225 at Waterlooville Sainsburys

    As above saw the blue 197 with tinted windows filling up at the services on the A27 at emsworth around 10:30 this morning. And a dirty Megane 225 in Sainsburys carpark at 6pm Anyone on here?
  18. Luke...

    Black Megane 225 at Asda Petrol Station Waterlooville

    Pulled in just as i was pulling out. Didnt see any stickers but was a woman driving. Were you filling up with cheapo Asda fuel? :frowning:
  19. Willo40

    Black Megane T** CPM

    Black Megane sport private reg T** CPM, derby road Liverpool half 7 this morning, I pulled along side at the bottom of millers bridge.....
  20. B

    Megane Scenic Steels

    Having my Turinis returned soon so need some cheap wheels to sit the car on, will steels from a 2003 Megane Scenic fit on a 172 Cup?
  21. J

    LY 200/197 shell southend and LY megane 250 a14

    Both earlier tonight on my way up to work
  22. Adam D

    Megane 225 Removing Dump Valve

    I posted this a while ago on but it's pretty quite over there and you lot normally can sort most queries out! I bought my 225 with a Forge DV already fitted but i want it removed now and i'm unsure what i need to buy in order to remove it all and go back to how it should be. The layout...
  23. Cw Tuning.

    197/200 megane wheels

    Not too sure if posted in correct section but does anybody know the value of freshly refurbed (gloss black) megane r26 wheels. Currently fitted to my 200 I regret swapping my cup wheels!
  24. M

    Road trip Norway in Megane RS 265

    Hi, here is a road trip I have done in September. Road trip in Norway. It's in French so if you prefere the pictures, read below Pictures (2 pages) Video of Atlantic Road : Video of Preikestolen :
  25. D

    Megane R26 Photoshoot...

    I haven't posted a thread in here for a while so I thought I'd share a few photo's from a recent photoshoot with a Matte Grey Megan R26 ... Glen's Matte Grey R26 by Dan Jenks, on Flickr Glen's Matte Grey R26 by Dan Jenks, on Flickr Glen's Matte Grey R26 by Dan Jenks, on Flickr...
  26. mini_nick

    Megane 250

    After just over 3 years with the Swift Sport, I finally decided on a change so have bought a Megane 250 - people on here will probably question why I went for a none cup car, but I really fancied something which went well, rode nicely and looked less shouty so this seemed to fit the bill. Yes...
  27. sharkeygrim

    purchased megane 225 pistons

    I have just purchased megane 225 pistons the rings are worn on them but I change the rings anyhow when put into my clio for turbo just a query ? Is anything I should use/change to these when fitting I know they can en safely at 270 bhp but will I need uprated valves? Etc...
  28. W

    5 Megane RS Convoy around ring in under 8 mins

    Would be fun to be a passenger