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  1. A

    Renault 5 GT turbo

    Just placed a deposit on this, phase 1 with zero rust, one of if not the cleanest i have ever seen. Zero welding as well. Just over 200bhp, comes complete with phase 1 seats. Interior needs some work but exterior has just had a glass out respray so hard work done. s**t pics but will update...
  2. G

    manifold studs and nuts for turbo conversion. ?

    hi.. can anyone help with this im wondering if people use the original 182 manifold studs and nuts when bolting the turbo manifold on or are their a different set/ uprated set that are recomended.. if anyone has any links or phone numbers of places to contact would be great.. also the...
  3. Martin.

    Porsche 911 Turbo S - EVO Leaderboard

  4. A

    Taking my 172 north to clioturbo, gonna try there £5k conversion

    Any thoughts/expectations/warnings/advice?
  5. sharkeygrim

    turbo stud and bolts to use and link

    anyone got recommendations on what studs and bolt to use for turbo to manifold? and to downpipe etc.. anyone send me a link for what ones they have used. cheers
  6. Bear Head

    Any ITB owners from CLIOTURBO?

    Anyone had their clio ITB'd from Andy? Are they worth the money as opposed to a turbo? And what's the real world power differences and feels? Both in gear and setting off etc? Any regrets or bad points? Was wanting to turbo but think a bit less power might be better thus less strain on...
  7. A

    Very clean Fiat Coupe Turbo L.E

    8hrs cleaning the exterior today, very pleased with the result. Interior and bay next week! Excuse the link, I have not idea how to attach flickr photos in this thread.
  8. GrahamS

    Turbo oil feed O-Ring, available on it's own?

    Today I was changing the turbo on my DCI and the o ring for the oil feed is ruined, drained oil all over the road and engine.....brilliant. Wonder if anyone can tell me if the o ring which goes on the end of part 1 is available separately as I can't even see it on the schematic. part numbers...
  9. C

    F4R turbo swap

    Hello everyone. Sorry for my bad english))) I have a car with f3r engine (block 272). And i want to swap f4r turbo (block 774). So, is f4r compatible with f3r gearbox?
  10. sharkeygrim

    TURBO fuel sender

    I have got a walbro 255 pump and ph1 fuel sendwr; I know there a modification that needs to be Done but I'm not sure HOW ? Can anyone help me out what I need to do ? This is for my turbo build Many thanks
  11. GrahamS

    Best cleaning solution for diesel soot in turbo

    Evening chaps. My turbo is in dire need of rebuilding. I've got a couple of spares laying around which I'm looking to rebuilt and then swap over for my existing one. Being diesel these turbos are full of soot deposits. I can scrape quite a lot of it out but want to make the housing totally soot...
  12. -Simon

    Few pics of my turbo'd cup

    First of all apologies for the quality of the pictures as they're off a BB. Quick spec of the car: 03 plate 172 cup, owned since 2008 Engine Clio-turbo low boost turbo conversion (235bhp 227lbs ft) Vibra technics engine mounts Paddle clutch Supersprint full exhaust and decat Power flex...
  13. Waitey

    GT86 Turbo Wide Body from Manila

    Saw this beast while working over in the Philippines. My inner chav loved it!
  14. R

    Clio sport joins 5 turbo

    Renault madness struck again already have a 5 GT turbo 1986 now have a 2001 Clio sport, well had to buy it so cheap & living in New Zealand very rare. Now was told does not start [funny what a good battery can do], but have to sort out rear window wiper no power, turn right signal gives faint...
  15. c5 swh

    Yozza on a turbo 182, still going to be loud?

    My 182 as currently got a decattrd scorpian system on it which im pretty happy with at the min. My cars being turbo'd in march and i believe this brings the exhaust note down. Ive been offered a yozza system and i no they are loud, does anyone on here have one fitted on a turbo'd clio. Is it...
  16. Joe#

    Turbo'd RB 200, Denton

    Sounded bloody good!
  17. KitsonRis

    Turbo like noise on starting

    Turned the car on this morning and as it came into life there was like a turbo noise then went away. Didn't make it again all day, even when starting from cold after work at 4:30 this afternoon. Any ideas?? I am going with that it was the cold air and cold engine not helping. Never heard that...
  18. marinemackay2003

    My mates golf vr6 turbo

    Mate is sadly selling his golf due to getting married Seriously fun car, with a fairly good spec, looks very nice in summer sun, running 345bhp with 308lbft good for surprising some big cars
  19. R

    How to make a 1.5 dci drive like a 1.2 turbo?

    Hi there, first post here. I was just wondering, been looking for a new mk3 clio as I've owned my little 2002 1.2 dynam. I drove a 1.2 turbo with an induction kit installed the other day and I loved it! The only reason i did not buy the car was because it had been in an accident and then had an...
  20. TomMcDonough

    Turbo 1*2 preston (picture)

    Spotted a 1*2 parked up in preston area with a cheeky front mount hiding behind the grill any one on here?
  21. cjgower

    Chris's 172 Cup Turbo

    Hello everyone, I've made another thread before about my previous 172 Cup which I sold in 2013. Got the new ST, change of circumstances in work and new priorities ( house deposit ) meant that it wasn't worth it anymore. I've since purchased another Cup however already had some issues. 3...
  22. R

    Clio 200 EDC Turbo Gearbox

    Hi Everyone, First post but just wanting to find out some quick info on the Clio 200 ED Turbo, I have been looking at these on pistonheads, and they seem great for the price, but I have heard people say that they use a “Dry” Clutch opposed to a Wet Clutch. Now the only Dry clutch gearbox I...
  23. B

    Turbo details??

    Hi guys, Ive got a 07' dynamique s 1.2 D4FT, does anyone have any info on the turbo, make, model etc.. Have just got the car and havent had a chance to get in amongst it yet Cheers
  24. Martin.

    Martin's Track Clio 182 Project Thread

    I've been on here for a good couple of years now, but have always been against the idea of starting a thread for my track toy, mainly because I couldn't be bothered. I've been slowly collating all of my photos though and they are now stored reasonably well. So I thought I would make a change...
  25. GrahamS

    Clio turbo with bonnet intake

    Well that's what I can see from the pictures
  26. O

    5 Gt turbo phase 1

    Now i love this! Great car
  27. slammed 66

    Who owns a phase 1 turbo with orange wheels and mirrors?

    Ive searched and searched and searched again but cant find the thread. Early last year when I bought my first ph1 I saw a thread where someone with a silver ph1 had done a trackday maybe at Bedford? it was turbo'd, orange Williams wheels I think and orange mirror caps. really would love to have...
  28. S

    Anybody upgraded the standard turbo in a 1.2 tce ?

    Just wondered if anybody has done this heard a few people say you can fit a megane turbo but not sure if its true lol.
  29. cs_dave

    CS_dave 172 20v clio turbo

    Hi all my names dave. I've recently bought this clio 172 to replace my rat look golf. The clio which is already a bit special built by Andyrg ( it goes very well. On drive home it went fine no issues with how it drives Few bits I need to sort Plans are to keep clean and tidy...
  30. sharkeygrim

    clio 182 racing blue turbo build

    This is the start of my turbo build that I am going to be doing. My plan of action is: Megane pistons and rods with uprated arp condos bolts. uprated valves and valve springs Megane head gasket Gt28 turbo and the usual other parts needed for the turbo build. I'm hoping to get a rind 270-280 bhp.