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  1. Lal B3N

    Racing blue 182 Turbo

    Thought I best start one of these so I can keep everything in one place. Its not back out to play yet but I'm sure it won't be long. So it started off as a lovely lowish mileage RB 182. Added a few mods Cooksport springs with suspension refresh Pure motorsport strut brace + solid top mounts...
  2. midge

    Turbo people, vacuum pipe through bulkhead for boost gauge

    I want to install a boost gauge (so i can monitor the boost and see if it ever drops e.t.c) where on the bulkhead have you fed the vacuum through?
  3. midge

    Midges phase 1 Turbo.

    I have been after a clio turbo for a while, we all know the clio is a great chassis but in todays market its a bit down on power, i was never going to pay for the conversion myself and im to lazy these days to build one myself so it was a case of waiting for one to come up for sale a couple had...
  4. jamesycc

    R5 GT turbo(i think) Bristol.

    stunning R5 bishopsworthh rd about 5:30 ish. Anyone on here?? Looked amazing. Personal plate R5 GTT I think it was.
  5. N

    what oil to put in 1.2 turbo 07 plate

    What oil to put in 1.2 turbo 07 plate
  6. Stay Puft

    Fiesta ST Turbo £3750
  7. G

    182 turbo cooling fan problem ?

    Hello. Ive just finished plumbing in my low boost turbo conversion on my Clio and am very happy that it fired up first time. One problem ive found so far is that the rad fan runs all the time even when ignition switched off. It turns off whilst the engine cranks over but comes on...
  8. B

    Turbo-ing a 1.4 mk1

    Hello guys. I was thinking of doing this for a long time now. To start, i know its not worth it for you guys, and i know people will tell me this in every post. Now, i have a 1.4 single point lump in my bay, and want to add a turbo obviously. I already have everything i need. A brand new garret...
  9. scooby-93

    Clio turbo owners help please

    My turbo to manifold is blowing, I've managed to tighten the top 2 nuts as tight as I can but 1 of the bottom nuts is that loose it's spinning by hand, what's the easiest way to get at it to tighten it up? Carnt get a spanner or anything near atm Thanks
  10. alexr19

    Arctic turbo, redditch

    Sat in the McDonalds by the big tesco and saw you go past. Lovely car and could hear the turbo from quite far off!
  11. G

    Turbo Clio coil pack question

    Hello. Can anyone tell me or have a quick look at the lead numbering on the coil pack for the turbo conversion. The original has them numbered on the coil but the new one does not but does have ABCD so wondering it this is 1234. If anyone can help this would be great. Cheers Jay
  12. G

    Turbo 182 water feed

    Hello. Is their a problem with having the water feed to a turbo on a 182 from the thermostat housing through the turbo then back into the header tank. Only im seeing people using feeds from the heater matrix. I'm about to do mine and wondered if theirs a reason for this that's all...
  13. M

    My Clean Turbo..

    I managed to give my car a wash and wax yesterday for the Yorkshire meet today but i slept in, i was going to give it a go over with the d/a, but i didnt have time, heres a few pics i took today..
  14. DrHammershaft

    Turbo 182 vs Jackson charged ep3 comparison

    Hi I have a 182 just now which I use for track days. It's standard engine wise but needing belts et done (i have these sitting waiting) and I'm looking at the following options. Fit cams just now and itbs later Belts and keep standard power Belts and then 230 bhp kit Or belts, head gasket...
  15. Z


  16. sharkeygrim

    water feed for clio turbo

    I'm really not sure what way of water feed I should do for my clio turbo build. I have got water feed kit from ktec they go to thermostat then into coolant tank I think? But I've seen on here people t into inlet and outlet of the heater matrix? What sort of ft tings do I need for the etc ? I...
  17. S

    Turbo, Supercharger, I&C or ITB's?

    Hello guys, I've recently entered the Clio scene buying a 182 titanium with both cup packs. Since i was young i've always been into cars so naturally after i picked this one up I've mulled over the possible performance packages available to buy, and as i'm a new member i'm not sure which options...
  18. m&l172ph1

    tb's , supercharging or turbo?

    I've been looking at throttle bodies lately and just wanted some opinions on what's a good set up in terms of value for money/performance. I'm hoping to some track days and maybe sprints/hill climbs etc so want it to be reliable as well.
  19. c.oneill91

    Ph1 turbo project

    Hi folks, thought I'd start a build thread as I've just took the jump from a few choice modifications, to a full scale turbo build. Apolgies for the quality of pics you're about to witness. Anyway after toying with the idea of yet another Civic I was swayed when I seen a saw an immaculate Ph1...
  20. R-Sport.

    LY182 turbo elmers end

    Giving it the beans at 7pm tonight! S
  21. A

    Andys Clio 16v Turbo Track car

    ive only went and got her back!!! After chips small accident him and Lesley just dont have time to sort it out. so while drunk at fcs we did a deal. some big plans over winter once the work shop eases off a little.... but were back in where it all started. one of the first megane 225 powered...
  22. GT197LV

    Turbo Fuel Injectors

    Hello, I have question about Turbo Fuel injectors which are in store in this web-site. ( Can I put these injectors in my stock Clio RS 169? Just plug and play or I need o buy something else? For example Turbo fuel pump, or turbo fuel...
  23. A

    Stunning Track Turbo

    Just thought i would share a few of Lukes Track Car. Forged engine with Vag Box conversion and Diff. 335Bhp and goes like absolute stink. Im sure luke will have a project thread but i wanted to post this photo. Epic
  24. stevo172-RWD

    Clio 172 mid engine turbo fcs15

  25. B

    Possible turbo

    ive a 1.5 dci 65 and I get a bit of boost at 2k then it drops out then violently kicks in again at 3k. Been told to change the fuel filter. What else can I do to check. It also started blue smoking at santapod last week so I've a feeling a new turbo is in order, if so should I upgrade or...
  26. F

    fairm010's 1.2 Project

    @Typhoon told me I should be doing a project thread for my 1.2 Dynamique, I had thought there would be no interest for it but he thinks otherwise, so here goes! The car is a 2004 1.2 Dynamique with 56,000 miles when I bought it. Back when I was 17 the car was bought for my brother who was 17...
  27. A

    [TCE] Turbo intake size

    Hello guys Im about to rebuild my piping on my tce 1.2 but i dont have the car right now. Does someone know the diameter of the intake of the turbo ? Im talkin about that : Thanks you!
  28. C

    Clio turbos

    how many clio turbos do we have on the forum, also what are they like to run on a day to day basis. High and low boost variants too. I'm keen to own one.
  29. Ills

    MK4 Golf Gti Turbo

    Selling as I pick up my 182 on Saturday, anyone interested?
  30. A

    Phase 1 GT Turbo

    Here are some pics of my new GT Turbo. She has had a glass out respray and is mint, really really good job. Body kit is mint, and this for you that know means mint. There is no rust anywhere, floor under or in car, no seal rust, no rear arch rust, no front end rust, wings etc, nothing. Never...