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16v vs Cav SRi 8v

  350z & 16v Maxi

My mate got whopped by a SRi 8v the other day in his tuned 16v. It was up a slight hill. It is sitting about 170bhp. He just bought it a few weeks ago and I dont think he knows about the 4500rpm boost. But still they guy in the Cavy is well proud. Fastest car in the world. However he forgets the umpteen times Ive left him for dust in my valver.

If you choose to race things at low revs and up a hill in a Valver then you deserve to lose for being stupid! Jeeezzz, I mean these cars just dont get moving until 5000rpm and a tuned NA one (Im assuming cams, porting etc like me) wont show the extra power until 5000-6000rpm.

O dear. Ive raced sris up hills and I have no problem?? however that might be because mines quite standard except 4 hillpower induction kits and exhaust.

i agree with Ben... your mate deserves to loose if he hasnt worked out that after 4k of revs you are forced back in your chair. it doesnt take long to work out where the power curve is kept.
  172 sport,

ill take on a valver in my sri ,its also an 8 valve only has a k&n 57i and remus back box, 93 on a k done 150000 miles , only other mod is the gearbox, sri ratios are too short for the 8 valve lump so put a cdi gearbox in it . as the power is up on an sri compared to the cdi it pulls it superb ,how does 72 in 2nd /110 in third /135 in 4th/ and estimate around 160 in 5th as it hits the limiter in 5th with ease .the speedo is reading correct as ive checked it against a calliburated one and its spot on, to within 3mph. as an example it revs on 3k in 5th at 90 mph!! although i will say from the lights youd most probably leave me but by third gear id be back in it. would be interesting to try , had a go with a 172 the other night but he wouldnt play.
  350z & 16v Maxi

Nan not you my mate. But there is no way your SRi would beat my valver. Not a chance!!! But guess well never know as i live in Scotland

At the moment ive got a Primera SRi 2.0 16 valve (cams, Hot shot header manifold and downpipe, Cat back exhaust and panel filter) Was RR at 162 hp 144 lb ft and did a 15.8 1/4 mile before I fitted cams and exhaust system, and from those videos of Adis 16 valver taking on the VTS I know if i came up against an average Valver id tare it to shreads. So if that Cav is pulling 170 hp (whats been done to it?) what do u expect to happen when u race it in a valver at high speed?
  172 sport,

john mate we will have to sought this out at some point when ya motor is painted etc will have to find somwhare to go though obviously not on a public rd;)

A race with a Valver is no walk in the park. It was the 16v that is making 170bhp - not the Cavalier (Id find it very hard to believe that an 8v 2.0 that has 115bhp in standard trim was making 170bhp without forced induction).

I dont think the 16v is the quickest machine to ever hit the streets, but even if the Cav had 170bhp, it would will probably have a worse power-to-weight ratio.

Its all about high revs in a 16v.