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16v_paddy's bent Naples unbending & F7R rebuild


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Right it's long overdue because of general laziness & seive like memory :rolleyes:but it's about time I get this project thread up & running.
As you all know I was involved in a bit of a nasty smash on 5th Nov 08 :cry: and my valver got a busted rear quarter, B-pillar & creased roof :evil: only 2 months after achieving mintness :mad:
But this is what happens when chavved up corsas have a go at a Naples :nono::rasp:

But the naples is getting fixed :D Here's the latest pics in her current state of bodged repair befor she goes off to the garage to get the brakes fixed then the bodywork sorted and back to mintyness



Now the interesting part........Megane F7R 710 engine to play with :evil: I can't decide between bodies or boost yet, but either way it's getting a forged bottom end 1st and some fancy shizzle with the crank & flywheel.
I'll make the decision when the time comes to buy pistons, but that's only going to happen when the compo cheque lands, and that could be a while yet :rolleyes:



I've got a few questions, can anybody tell me what sensors these plugs are for?



I'm assuming this 1 is the oil level sender :S

And what are these 2 for?

Let the fun commence :evil:
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oil pressure switch i believe just has the one wire coming off of it and the piccy below will be the oil level sensor
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Get some full pictures of your car up mate. Looked mint when I came and got that rad.


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Well I got on with stripping the engine last night :D Pics to follow soon

Unfortunately a lack of a T55 bit stopped the fun just short of taking the head off :dapprove:
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SO glad u are repairing this mate. Absolutely love it

Though I must say, u seem to have no luck at all:dead: wat with the rear quarter before then getting rammed by the Corsa. Best of luck with getting it sorted Paddy
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As said first is a knock sensor, second the oil pressure switch and the third are just engine earths.

And i'll give my opinion of boost ftw!


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Latest Update

Got the car to the garage to get the brakes checked, turns out that all the crap from the other lads car I ran over had somehow knocked loose the goodridge hose at the back & was leaking a tiny bit of fluid, hence the sponginess

So my mechanic nipped them tight again, then bled the system and left it on the pressure bleeder @ 2 Bar overnight. No more leaks, the brakes are s**t hot again :D and best of all........He didn't charge me a penny :D

Wdenesday morning I took my m8 to pick up his V6 from my paint man and left my valver with him to fix :evil: just got to wait for the insurance cheque to land :mad: and I'll have a minty mint valver again :cool:

As for the engine strippage, I dropped a bit of a bollock :eek: came to take the sump off and apart from the 6 already chewed up torx bolts :mad: I had the engine bolted to the stand wrong :eek: I had it oriented wrong so could only get 3 bolts into it and 2 of them were into the sump :eek:

I managed to sort it out though, pissing around for ages with jacks & blocks of wood :rolleyes:

But the fun has to stop for now as I'm back at work on 12 hour night shifts :cry: Back to it on wed though, but I've just bought a 306 XLd with my m8 to fix & sell for some crimbo money so my work on the valver might have to wait but who knows.....


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Right, time for an update :D not done anything for the past few weeks :oops: had some money making projects on the go ;) But here's the pics from the stuff I done last time round

Engine in order of strippage





Can anyone tell me if I should be bothered about this rust on the cams, or whats caused it? :S



Cams out


The state of the head bolts, swimming in copper grease :eek:


Head off


The block in all its glory



Some not so good photos of the cylinders (piss poor photography skills to blame) :eek:





Any educated opinions of the state of the engine would be appreciated :D
Now the important part of the project so far, the unbending & respray. Just a few pics of the work in progress :cool:




  f**ked ph1 172
tbh you cant really tell from the pics. the bores *look* ok, have a feel around the edge where you can see where the rings have gone up to, and have a feel all around it to see if there is any lipping.

the hone marks look ok, but obviously get it rehoned!


The bowls on the head look very coked up, nothing a good clean wont sort but I'd check the AFR if you keep the standard flash on the ecu!
  f**ked ph1 172
tbh, i did think that, but as he was going to turbo it i decided to leave it out as he'll be running a remap.


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I did notice how coked up the head was & was quite surprised but not too bothered as the whole thing is being rebuilt with new parts & obviously a proper map

I'll be getting a rebore as well, I just need to measure the cylinders to see which pistons I need to get as I don't want to go too far with it unless it's necessary

Haven't got a clue of the history of the engine, hence I got it cheap, but the plan has always been a total rebuild/learning experience instead of just dropping it in straight away
  f**ked ph1 172
what i'd do mate is get the pistons then give the block and pistons to a machine shop and ask them to bore and hone it to suit them.


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I've had the bores measured today and the good news is that the block hasn't had a re-bore, it is a bit worn but not excessively, so I'll be ordering some 83mm pistons & getting the block re-bored to fit them :D
thats not rust on the cams, its a band of yellow pant used to indicate that they are indeed 2ltr cams.


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Update with a Few more pics 8)

Took a bit of persuading with a T50 bit, blowtorch, icecube and a hammer :mad: and got the sump off






Couple of gratuitous oil pump pics, I don't think its very healthy as it doesn't turn very easily and clunks a little bit :S not too bothered as I'm getting a new 1 anyway



Oil pump gone and that gasket s**t is fuckin everywhere :mad: I want a proper gasket for this not the liquid s**t renault say it should be :nono:



Next out was the rods & pistons


Next off was the end caps, I need some educating here :rolleyes: what are these shells/bearings called? I already know the crank big end bearings as they're with the rods, just after the name of each 1


Then it's out with the crank




Next to come off was the oil cooler


I intend to put a mocal cooler on, do I still need to keep the std one? Is it there to help get the oil up to temperature or can I bin it? :S

My nicely organised floor full of engine :D



I've had the crank and the block measured up and I'll be ordering the rods, pistons, gaskets & bearings etc on monday :evil:
  f**ked ph1 172
big ends on the con-rods
and the others are main bearings and the half circle things are thrust bearings./


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I've got that book "1001 uses for vinegar" at home, it would make my day if it said 1 of the uses was for de-greasing engine blocks :rasp:
  f**ked ph1 172
^ it probably doesn't but trust me it works!

If you've got a lidl near you theres some cheap engine cleaner in there in a spray can, good s**t!


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It's going to be chemically cleaned when it goes to get re-bored, should I soak it in vinegar anyway??
judging from the pic in the avatar i'm guessing the inlet manifolds of the F7R are different to the F4R inlets are'nt they ?

I have someone who wants to buy mine for a F7R/F7P engine .... Will mine fit this engine ?

**edit** just saw that your avatar pic was taken from a valver.. but my question remains
yeh but seriously though, 2-4 days in the cheapest of cheap vinegar should be enough to make it sparkle. even without a vibrating bath.
Might be a money saving idea for you.
Looks like it's going well. nice thread :)


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franx - dunno if this is any use to ya but also the megane F7R head can't work with a F7P or williams inlet manifold as the shape of the inlet ports are completely different

Latest Update

All the bits got ordered & paid for yesterday :D forged rods, pistons and all the other bits & bobs needed for a full rebuild but thats january's money all gone now :S :quiet: and I still need to get a new oil pump for it, I'm now flat broke for the month :cry: but it's well worth it & I'm happy because I got a really good deal :D

Next part of the project is to get my car back from the bodyshop - tomorrow, can't wait :D - then it's mot & insurance time in feb but since I'm working over christmas I'll have a healthy chunk of overtime and a pay rise by then and hopefully enough money left over to get the machining work done and the bottom end built up


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I finally got her back on christmas eve, but since I was working all over christmas I didn't get chance to take any pics :cry:
But I've been busy all day and she's had a full on valet, wash, polish, wax inside & out so she's back to total mintness :D

Some before & after pics of the damage & repair







Now some gratuitous naples porn :rasp:










Stunning example mate, will be even better when the 2.0 goes in!


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Woke up not long ago to find a nice box on my doorstep, opened it up and look what was inside



Some lovely Forged H-Section con-rods with ARP bolts :cool: