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172 and Cup humbe the V6

Just got my copy of Evo mag and they tested the Cup, 172 and V6 around Bedford Autodrome, the lap times where most suprising with the Cup beating the V6 and the std 172 giving the V6 a damn close run for its money. Lap times were:

Cup 1.26.30

V6 1.28.45

172 1.28.85

Most off this they say was down to the V6 being somewhat nervous arounf the bends, although they did say that it was not noticably quicker than the cup down the straights.
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was that the new V6 or the older one ?

as isnt the new one supposed to have another 30bhp and other adjustments ?
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I assume it is the MK1 V6 that is tested, hense the improvements, handling and bhp to the new V6 as Renault realise that the new cup is as fast in most situations as the V6 for half the money.
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I must say Im amazed. Ive lapped Bedford Autodrome (along with many other members) with a V6 on the track and it was a lot faster than me! Mind you, the V6 was being driven by the British F3000 champion. I think you need to be a really good driver to get the best out of the V6 on a track. A 172 is dead easy to drive on the other hand.

I think that the Clio V6 is a totally different animal to any other hot hatch. Id say that it takes time to get used to it - to make full use of its traction, handling and other abilities. That goes for Clio V6 Mk1 and Mk2.

I doubt theres much between a V6 and a 172/Cup in a straight line, but driven properly, Id expect a V6 to make real headway over any other hot hatch. I bet people had the same debate abou the GT Turbo and the nutter Turbo 2 (Clio V6s daddy). Its about torque, RWD traction and accelerating out of bends.

A whole generation of people, like myself, have grown up with FWD and have moved into powerful FWD cars. Naturally, someone like me stepping into a powerful RWD car like the Clio V6 is not going to post a good performance - even with a day to familiarise myself.

surpose... when you put it like that it does have its own strengths... as well as mid engined unpredictibility...heheh
  Clio v6

mid engined unpredictibility...?

No I can assure you it is still in the mddle where it always is.

Unpredictability... Hmmmph !:D

The whole clio sport range are very good compared to other manufacturers for looks, affordability, performance and toys IMHO.

I think the Renault 1.8 & 2.0 16v engines are more responsive, sound better etc than other 2.0 16v european cars Ive tried.

All th cars were driven by someone who used to race Clio Cup cars, and now races V6 cars. Cant think of a more qualified driver for the job...

Quote: Originally posted by Pillesnoppen on 08 November 2002

...Cant think of a more qualified driver for the job...
Knight Industries Two Thousand?


He was an amazing driver and later went to have variose roles on TV in his humon form.