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attention all willy owners

could you possible re asure me that the exsaust manifold on your williamss are stainless steel?

i pritty sure ther arent the cast ones on the clio 16v or the 19 16v, and the cant be mild steel or they would rust in time yeah?

if you couyld post asap that would be great!

cheers alex

Erm mine is a sort of reddy colour aswell, well more pinkish browny colour. Definatly not metal, its...oh you mean the car!

  Clio 197

It doesnt look stainless. I dont think that stainless would be that brown even after 10 years. Definitely tubular headers and not a cast manifold on the Willy though.

It isnt stainless steel, its mild steel same as the rest of the exhaust... but galavanised... it will rust in time though

If youve got a stainless steel one good effort, youll never have to change it!