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Back with a clio again after 3yrs

Hi People,

A few may remember me from the early days of cliosport. I used to have a blue valver with cream leather etc shown in the pic below.



Since I sold it in Dec 03 to another clio sport member I have been away owning a Passat TDi (company car), followed by 2 106gti's. Now I have come back to the clio scene with a phase 1 172, and I am loving it.

Here is the car



Its a W plate, 1 owner from new, 34k and FRSH. Its just about mint. Got it for a bargin £3800.

This means the 106 gti is going to be up for sale at the end of the month once it has been serviced. So if you know anyone who wants a good, honest 106 gti for a very decent price then send them my way.

The spec is;

106 GTi - 1.6 16v
1 Previous owner
Cam belt done last sept.

VTS rims
Sportex Exhaust
Pipercross induction kit.






Comments welcome.
  Lunar Mk1 & Flamer
i knew the guy you sold the valver to and those pictures do it no justice!

welcome back!
I remember you chief! I also now have a great disliking of you....................

.............I was going to phone that guy up tomorrow about buying that very car! Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!;) lol

Ah well, better keep on the look out!
Welcome back Kev (it is Kev isn't it, sorry if its not:eek: ) Your valver was one of the best on here, I loved that car to bits, that interior was just mint:approve:
  LY 200
Loved the Valver mr millard but also like the 106........Actually abit more than the both of the others i rekon!!!

Whats it go like in comparison with the other two??
cheers guys, its good to be back. And yes my name is Kevin. Used to live in Saffron Walden Essex but have move a few miles away to Haverhill in Suffolk.

The 106's have been very good to me over the last 18 months. The handling is out of this world, they are just a pure great fun car!

Loving the 172 now though. I have always wanted one since my valver days. Over the last 3 yrs I have been searching autotrader and pistonheads for one or going back to the valvers but have never made the plunge.
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Justin-172 said:
gf mite be interested in the gti , will speak to her and let you know.

Its a good one. Had it 15months and other than servicing the only money I have had to spend on it was a new rad.

It wont be available till end of the month though I am afraid. Reason being I have just moved house and so sent the log book off with my new address so am waiting on that. Also it is due a service this month so I wanna get that done so I can sell it on knowing it is in as good order as it deserves to be. Also going to chuck it at a valeting complany to do there bit.
cheers u lot, good to be back.

I was initially a little dissapointed with the 172 compaired to the gti but each time i drive it I like it more and more. Well happy, it is a lot of car for the money.

Only thing buggin me is drinks so much more petrol than my gti, oh well i am sure i can live with it
JayR said:
Loved the Valver mr millard but also like the 106........Actually abit more than the both of the others i rekon!!!

Whats it go like in comparison with the other two??

The 106 is light, nimble and responsive and raw. You can feel everything through the steering and you know exactly where you are with the car. So so much fun. Its very easy to drive full on. The handling is absolutly awsome, I used to love the valvers handling but in my opinion it dont come close to the gti (after all Richard Burns and Jerremy Clackson both said that the 106 is the closest to perfection handling car)

The 172 is a lot more complete in my mind, stonger more powerful but I feel the steering is not so responsive and you dont feel so in touch with the road. But it feels more of a grown up car than the go kart like 106.

My fav out of the two is both but in different ways. The Gti is awsome, looks awsome when I see it outside my house everyday but I feel a little old (25) for it now and the load exhaust and slammed suspension dont suit my office job as the car stands out a mile in the car park full of Audi's, VW's and BMW's. Plus it is not practical for the 40 odd ridiciously high speed bumps I have to make my way over on the business park I work on.

I think the 172 is perfect for what I am looking for now but I know I will be craving for another one in a few months after mine has been sold just like I did and still do with my old valver.

If any1 else wants to make a comparison then buy my 106 Gti for £2995 and then make your own mind up.