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Clio RS 200 - Age 21 - Insurance - MakerStudy???

  Renault Clio RS 200
Yeah probably leave it standard and save up for an exhaust, run it and see if I notice a flat spot, if so I will be back looking for a remap recommendation ? Thanks for all the help anyway, a nice welcome to the Clio community for me. Can't wait to insure and drive it in 2 weeks ???

So recently I have been calling every insurance company I know and will list the outcomes below.

I’m 21 ,3 years driving, 3 years NCB

I have had some good quotes but all have issues and I am wanting to know if I should go with one.

Green Light - can’t Insure

Sky Insurance - £1260 (with mods) but it MarkerStudy? Any good?

HIC - £1180 (exhaust mod, but need to be done in 1 month, might not happen)

Brentacre - £1690 (with mods)

These are the best I have had, I’ve tried all companies I’ve seen on forums etc so my question is...

Is it worth going with Sky Insurance with the MarkerStudy as underwriters, it’s a good price but I’ve just not seen anyone say a good thing about them when they have to make a claim?

Has anyone here got any successful claims through MarkerStudy, should I go with them or not?

£173 with Halifax ?